Videos by Trond Kjærstad

Flight Mode

As a film maker within the niche called "fly fishing", it is tempting to call your movies Trout 1, Trout 2, Trout 3 etc, etc.
But hi! You have to come up with something else! Be creative! It has to be a link between the title and movie contents.
Normally you wouldn't associate "Flight mode" with fly fishing. But this is more or less the state I'm in when I go fishing. Off line. 100% focused & present! Pure mental health.
Hope you like it and if you do, I appreciate your likes and comments.
André Pedersen; You are not only a co-bum but truely a trout bum!
Thanks ;-)
Blue Skies/Derek Clegg (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 US)
Live In A Dream/Andy Wagner (CC BY-NC 3.0)


Hopefully the title "Pilgrim" creates assosiations to worship and religious journey. It's on purpose :-)
In some hectic months during springtime, while the insect life in lakes and rivers is at its most intense and trout go bananas, I took my video equipment and went fishing. The result became "Pilgrim."
"Pilgrim" shows trout fishing in Norway with seasonal peak; Kola peninsula in July, trout fishermens MECCA!
Or is Kola the highlight? Is the road the goal? Or simply fishing for trout in my own backyard? It's up to you to decide.
"Pilgrim" has materialized in a ca. 45 min long video. Compared to other small scale projects I've worked with in the past, this required more in terms of both audio and video tracks. The final product will be ready in december 2012.
So far so good...:)

Trout Moments B+W

Ever dream of trout going head&tail, a nice summer day in June where the wind is calm and the insects emerge from their pupae shell?
Once in a while there are days when everything works out.

Tundra Fly Fishing

Short but beautiful video about trout fishing on the tundra.