Videos by WY Fly media

Of fly rods and freedom

A short edit from the upper north Platte, and some smaller tributaries thereof. Dogs, backcountry wandering, fish, fly rods and freedom are a few of the things that make life so worth living. Even though I am currently scraping by on a college students meager stipend, I am one of the richest men alive. I dont own the music, which is "just cant say" by You Won't.


I am not a religious man, and i never have been. however, in recent years I find myself pondering what it is exactly that people find so fulfilling in their faith; something that no-one has yet been able to elucidate for me. Similarly, I have great difficulty in attempting to find words to describe my passion, no, my obsession, for fish and catching them on a fly. It occurs to me that perhaps they are not all that different; a belief in a higher power, and a need to chase fish. We all go to a sacred alter when we can, be it a four-walled structure or a clean flowing river in search of something that sets us free, that allows us to see a greater good in the world, beauty for beauty's sake, a connection to all that is right in the world. This video is meant as a visual description of my church.

Wandering Wild

fly fishing a backcountry tributary in southeastern wyoming in june of 2012. no huge fish, but great weather, wonderful scenery and better company. this was my girlfriends first time to land a rainbow or brown, as well as her first trifecta-brook, brown, bow (never underestimate the power of a tungsten nymph)... the music is Joe Pug, "Hymn 101". find him and listen to everything, as it is all great.

A life online

Another installment in my fly fishing video journal. filmed in late spring in southeastern Wyoming during the week between the end of spring semester, and the beginning of summer classes (life on scholarship is hard right?). I do not own the music, which is Sean Hayes, "walkin' down the line".

A film for Bethany

A short film about about my girlfriend's last visit to me here in Wyoming. featuring the usual suspects; dogs, a few browns and moose, as well as Bethany's first fish on the fly...