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Casting & Strategy

This film is about fly fishing with double handed and switch rods. When you are able to combine these three factors:
- Choice of tackle
- Strategi
- Casting technique
... then your fly fishing becomes a game and much more effective. Ronny takes you on a trip to many different fishing locations to demonstrate how this is true in real fishing conditions.
He walks you through the tackle setup and shows you precisely how to put together your gear to match the conditions where you are fishing. Your tackle always have to match the fishing situation.
We change location all the time to show both choice of tackle, fishing strategy and the more specialized casts needed to fly fish under all conditions.
This film is for both the beginner and the advanced fly caster. Through one and a half hour and 23 chapters Ronny guides you to a more effective fly fishing for salmon and seatrout with double handed and switch rods.
DVD and Video-on-Demand
Release: Medio March 2016
English with Danish subtitles.

Sea Trout Secrets 5 Spin fishing

Spin fishing, but with some amazing underwater footage.

Release medio April 2014. Trailer from a DVD from
Thomas Hansen shares tips, tricks and brand new techniques, both with bombarda and fly, and traditional lures.
The underwater recordings in this are the best we have ever made. Numerous clips show the sea trout in their natural habitat.
With new camera technology we are up close and see how the sea trout react to our lures.
Thomas tells about his top trimmed fishing boat and shares tips and techniques on how to fish from the boat.
The movie is packed with new tips and tricks, plenty of fishing action and fantastic underwater recordings which provide new knowledge about the sea trout's behavior.

Sea Trout Secrets 6 Fly fishing

Trailer for a fishing DVD. Release medio April 2014.
Claus Eriksen is a very experienced flyfisherman, and in this movie he shares his latest discoveries about technique, flies and tackle.

There a numerous underwater recordings and we get closer to the sea trout than ever before. New technology has shown us exactly where to find the sea trout along the shore. We shall see more sea trout out there than we expect. Several sea trout following the fly and inspecting it closely.

Claus shares his fishing strategies for sea trout during all four seasons - and put theory into practice. He catches many beautiful sea trout. A movie full of useful tips and amazing underwater recordings providing a new detailed insight into the secret world of the sea trout.

Casting That Fly 2 - Advanced

Release 1st of November 2013. Trailer. DVD or Video-on-Demand Lars Chr. Bentsen is a certifed Master Casting Instructor with the International Federation of Fly Fishers and is recognized internationally for his ability to teach fly casting. This movie is about single hand fly casting.In the movie he shows spey casting, 5 different presentation casts, how to cast and fish shooting heads, and casting in the wind.We see how Lars adapts his shooting heads and how to make your own loops on shooting heads or fly lines.Lars Chr. Bentsen also shows the most common casting faults and then shows exactly what causes the fault and how to correct it. This section is valuable to all fly fishers.• The fly catching the leader or the line. • The leader not straightening.• You don't get prober distance.We have all tried it and in this chapter, Lars shows how to correct it the next time you see the problem.A movie for both beginners and more experienced fly casters.

Casting That Fly 1 - Basics

Release 1st of November 2013. Trailer. DVD or Video-on-Demand This is a movie for beginners.Master casting instructor, Lars Chr. Bentsen, guides you all the way through the movie. Lars Chr. Bentsen is a certified Master Instructor with the International Federation of Fly Fishers and is recognized internationally for his ability to teach fly casting. This movie is about casting a single hand fly rod.He shows how to put the gear together: Rod, fly reel, backing, fly line and leader.He shows you how easy it is to get started with your very first fly cast. We take a look at roll casting, overhead casting, double hauling and how to shoot line.But first and foremost, Lars Chr. Bentsen concentrates on the important basic elements of a good fly cast. Even though it is a movie for beginners, more experienced fly fishers will benefit from knowing the basics. Knowledge of the basics of fly casting makes it easier to correct your own faults.A good fly cast is easy and elegant, and this movie shows how to achieve just that.

The Fish & The Fly 4, Streamers

Again we join Morten Oeland on fishing trips in different locations. We fish in high mountain lakes and saltwater along the open shore.
The movie is about streamers and surface flies. We see the prey the streamers imitate and the different techniques Morten uses when fishing the flies. Underwater cameras have provided stunning photography of trout taking the streamers and they have documented the trout's reactions to the streamers. Up close and under water!
Morten is well known for his innovative fly tying techniques, which are both simple and effective. In the fly tying movie Morten shows excatly how he ties his streamers and surface flies. Most of them are his own effective patterns.
This is a movie you have to watch over and over again. It is very instructive, and it shows new techniques. But it is also a movie with beautiful scenery, fishing actions and big trout. DVD or Video-on-Demand
Release date 1st of November 2012

The Fish & The Fly 3 Terrestrials

This is dry fly fishing at its best. Terrestrials are land based insects - grasshoppers, beetles, Daddy Long Legs etc. Imitations of these insects are natural additions to any flybox and Morten Oeland shows why.
We join him as he uses his fantastic imitations on a number of fishingtrips in Denmark, Greenland, Germany, New Zealand and Swedish Lapland.
We follow him as he chooses his fly, tactic and fishing technique in every situation. The film is packed with fact and information about fishing the terrestrial.
Morten is a skilled and experienced flytier. The second movie on the DVD is about the tying of the imitations he uses. He shows step by step how he ties his original, simple and highly innovative flies.
This is an instructive movie, which is also full of great moments and exciting fishing situations. Morten catches lots of beautiful fish in amazing surrouding. A film of the same high standards as the previous movies in this series.

The Fish & The Fly 2 Nymphs

This is a trailer for a DVD film about fly fishing and flytying. We have travelled to numerous exciting locations to finde the best and most varied conditions to show fly fishing with a nymph

The Fish & The Fly 1 Dry Flies

This is a trailer for a fishing DVD about fly fishing and fly tying. We have travelled the world looking for some of the best and most exciting dry fly fishing there is. We have fished in Denmark, Greenland, Germany, New Zealand and Swedish Lapland.

Secrets of sea trout, 2

Trailer for Danish Niels Vestergaard's sea trout DVD's, now in English.

Secrets of sea trout

From Niels Vestergaard's Danish videos about sea trout fishing in the salt comes some beautiful underwater shots and lots of action. These DVD's are now available in English.