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Cold Dry

Fly Fishing in winter in Colorado isn't limited to tailwaters and the tying bench. There are spring creeks in the Centennial State. Spring creeks that hold their fair share of brown trout. Tanner Smith and his dog Gus had a day on one of those spring creeks. Enjoy!

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Paradise Circus

Nothing like summer in Montana. It's a paradise of sorts. But, with summer, comes crowds. The Bitterroot can become a circus. Access points flooded with cars, trucks, and trailers. But, weekdays, mornings, evenings, and cloudy days are the ticket. Less splash and giggle, more room to fish.

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Yukon Goes Headhunting

Two days of fly fishing on the Missouri River with Headhunters Fly Shop's John "Scumliner" Arnold and Jared "Gandolf" Edens. Mother's Day Caddis, March Browns, Blue Winged Olives, and Midges were hatching...sporadically. While we had high sun on both days, we were still able to find some rising fish. On the Missouri, a few rising fish is actually a good deal of rising fish. I had my fair share of shots at some nice risers and dropped some ugly casts on them. But, we were still able to catch some nice fish on dries. Short leash nymphing was the primary producer and the "standard" Missouri River 16 to 19" rainbows showed up in force with a couple 20s and a 21 or two finding their way into Scumliner's skinny black net.

It should be noted that the Missouri River fish fight....hard. A twelve inch football of a rainbow took me to my backing in a couple seconds.

And, we managed a carp break in between all of this trout fishing. See here:

Side Note: I think it should be obvious to everyone, Jared Edens is Gandolf, based solely on his stick skills and also his mean beard.

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Holding on to what's golden

Took an hour break from catching gaggles of trout on the Missouri with Jared Edens and John "Scumliner" Arnold of Headhunters Fly Shop to stalk some backwater carp. The carp has it's fair share of haters, but, they are worthy fish on the fly. Sore forearms, folded six weights, purring reels, and gold. After our carp break, we resumed hunting rising fish on the Missouri. The dry fly eating trout of the Missouri will grace the next YGF video.

The After Work Special

With spring....springing and the sun setting around 8 pm, the after work special is again a viable option. Getting into to work by 6 am and setting off alarms, so you can get out on the water by 3 pm. You know, "The After Work Special." This edit features four separate after work specials fly fishing for rainbow and brown trout on the Bitterroot. Some trout were caught. Some were lost.

The Leprechaun and the Yeti

Some fishing partners are tall. Some are short. Anthony of False Casts and Flat Tires is the Leprechaun. I, apparently, am the Yeti. A couple of days of fly fishing on the Bitterroot. We got into some solid rainbows and browns, but nothing too extraordinary. Things are heating up, but we could have said that about the entire winter. Although, it is good to have some dry fly fishing on the horizon.

King of the Herd

New and completely fake terms are being coined. That monster group of whitefish you see huddled around a big trout. That's a herd. And that big trout flanked by those pesky whitefish is the King of the Herd. A day of fishing with the False Casts Flat Tires (FCFT) crew on the Bitterroot. It was generally slow with the exception of the 22" cutbow that Zach hooked and Anthony miraculously netted. We found some pike in some shallow backwater. All of us stung one, none of us caught one. That goal will have to wait.

Calling Hogs

Spent this past Saturday on the Bitterroot with Matt Breuer and Blakely. Floating in the Breuer's skiff, we enjoyed the slightly seasonally warm temperatures, and to a lesser degree, the biting winds. While the float was a little hurried, we were able to stick some fish, including two solid rainbows who were both caught on streamers. Icing on the cake.

Cutties are for Suckers

A warm January day on the Bitterroot with Zach and Stan from False Casts and Flat Tires. For a while, it seemed like all I could catch were suckers. 4 or 5 of them in a row at one point. Big ones too - 21 to 22" on the high end. I will admit it, they were a worthy fish on the fly rod. But, eventually we found the trout. We caught our fair share of cutthroat and rainbows. I caught a couple nice 17 to 19" cutthroat and rainbows to end the day.

Sleep, Dreams, and Birthday Donuts

It's December in Montana and winter hitting us hard.....LIES. It was over 40 F this past weekend, so Bucko, Blakely, and Matt Breuer (of Ponoi River Co.) traveled over to the Mo to harass some of it's trouts. We stopped by Headhunters Fly Shop in the morning and then hit the water. It was a relaxing day on the water, for sure. Several good trout came to hand. It was Blakely's birthday, so we stopped and got a Birthday Donut from the Donut Hole in Helena.


Some fall fly fishing for the Madison River's brown trout. The browns were on the feed as evidenced by the 18 inch brown that had an 8" rainbow sticking out of it's mouth. We never found the monsters that the Madison is known for, but some solid fish between 16 to 19" were caught.

____ in a Barrel

To say Monday on the Ruby was an epic day of fishing would be an understatement. It was overcast and the water had a little color to it. Perfect for streamer fishing for brown trout. Caught uncountable numbers of 14 to 19" brown trout and in the evening, Bucko caught a 27" Brown. Rainbows threw themselves at streamers and dries, as well. I can't remember a better day on the water.

Boom goes the Brownomite

A day of fly fishing on SW Montana's Beaverhead River with YGF and Evolution Anglers. Nothing too huge came to the boat, but a good time was had. Browns and Rainbows were caught. An 18-19" brown trout was the largest fish caught.

Mining for Browns

This is a video about brown trout. Big ones. Abandoned mining operations litter Montana's landscape. Surprisingly, some of the mining operations have provided fertile environments for trout to live, grow, and eat streamers. This is one such operation.