Videos by jim misiura

Goddard Caddis

Hook: Std Dry #12 - #18
Thread: Brown
Body: Deer Hair
Hackle: Brown

Bead Head El Diablo

Hook: Curved #12 - #18
Thread: Brown
Bead: 3mm Copper Weight: .015 Lead Wire
Tail/Shellback: Pheasant Tail
Rib: Black Wire
Abdomen: Light Brown Oppossum
Thorax: Olive Krystal Dub
Legs/Wingcase: Pheasant Tail

Deer Creek Claret Pheasant Tail Prince

Hook: 2xl Nymph # 12 - #18
Weight: .025 Lead Wire
Bead: 3mm Copper
Rib: Silver Wire
Tail/Abdomen: Claret Pheasant Tail
Thorax: Claret Northern Lights Super Select Seal Fur
Wings: White Goose Biots

Bow River Bugger

Hook: 6xl Streamer #12 - #1/0
Weight: .925 Lead Wire
Tail: White Marabou Pearl Krystal Flash
Body: White Chenille
Hackle: White Saddle Hackle
Head: Brown Deer Hair

Zebra Prince

Hook: 2xl Nymph #12 - #18
Bead: 3mm
Weight: .020 Lead Wire
Tail: Black Hackle
Rib: Sliver Wire
Abdomen: Black Thread
Thorax: Black Krystal Dub
Wing: White Goose Biots

Royal Coachman Madam X

Hook: Std or Curved #10 - #16
Thread: Black
Tail: Golden Pheasant Tippets
Body: 1/3 Peacock Herl 1/3 Red Floss 1/3 Peacock Herl
Legs: Barred Crazy Legs
Wing: White Calf's Tail
Hackle: Coachman Brown

Baby Grasshopper

Hook: 2xl # 12 - #16
Thread: Match Body Color
Body: Double sheet foam
Legs: Crazy Legs
Wing: CDC

Block Head Popper

Hook: #6 - #2
Thread: Any Color
Tail: Hackle Tips
Collar: Hackle
Body: 4 or 5 sticky Back foam sheet
Legs: Crazy Legs

Yellow Cahill Wolf

Hook: Std Dry #10 - #16
Thread: Cream
Tail: Cream
Body: Yellow Cream Dubbing
Wing: Golden Olive CDC
Hackle: Golden Badger

Cream Scud

Hook: SCud #14 - #18
Thread: Mono Thread
Rib: Mono Thread
Shellback: Thin Swiss Straw
Body: Dirty White Rabbit Dubbing Brush

Black and Gold Bluegill Nymph

Hook: Scud #6 - #16
Bead: 3mm Gold
Thread: Black
Rib: Gold Wire
Tail: Black Rabbit Fur
Abdomen: Black Thread
Wingcase: Gold Floss
Legs: Black and Gold Rubber Legs
Thorax: Baitfish Ice Wing

Brite Bluegill Nymph

Hook: Scud #8 #12
Bead: 3mm Black
Thread: Chartreuse
Rib: Fine Black Wire
Tail: Chartreuse Rabbit
Abdomen: Chartreuse Thread
Wingcase: Black Floss
Legs: Chartreuse and Black Rubber Legs
Thorax: Chartreuse GSS

Pale Morning S O S

Hook: Scud #16 - #22
Bead: 2.3 mm Gold
Thread: Cream
Rib: Extra Fine Gold Wire
Tail: Cream Hackle
Abdomen: Cream Thread
Wingcase: Pale Yellow Floss
Legs: Pearl Krystal Flash
Thorax: Pale Morning Krystal Dub

Carp Fly

Hook: Scud #8 - #12
Weight: Black Bead Chain Large
Thread: Black
Tail: 3D Herdon Tinsel Orange
2 Pair Indian Strung Saddle Hackle
Body: Medium Brown Chenille
Hackle: Strung Indian Saddle Hackle

Granny Apple GSS Soft Hackle

Hook: 2xl Nymph
Thread: Black
Abdomen: Granny Apple Acrlyc Hair Band
Thorax: Olive GSS Sorry I said Pearl in the video
Hackle: Partridge

Short Shank Gurgler

Hook: Octopus #1 #6
Thread: Yellow
Tail: Yellow Bucktail / Any Flash
Body: Yellow Sheet Foam
Hackle: Yellow

Ian's Brass Ass

Hook: Scud #14 - #20
Abdomen: Copper Wire
Thorax: Black Thread
Cheeks: 3d Hedron Tinsel
Resin: Diamond Fine

Hendrickson Outrigger Emerger

Hook: Curved #12 - #16
Thread: Grey
Shuck: CDC Tan
Abdomen: CDC Tan
Thorax: Hendrickson Dubbing
Outrigger: Barred Flank
Wing: CDC Tan

GB Peacock Caddis

Hook: Std Dry #12 - #20
Thread: Black
Rib: Extra Fine Copper Wire
Body: Peacock Herl
Wing: Tan Grocery Bag
Hackle: Ginger

Fish Hair Baby Brown Trout

Hook: 4xl #12 - #4
Thread: Black
Body: Yellow Krystal Flash
Underbelly: Pearl GSS
Belly: White Fish Hair
Throat: Red Deer Hair
1st Wing: Yellow Fish Hair
2nd Wing: Brown Fish Hair
3rd Wing: Grizzly Hackle
Eyes: 3D Black on Gold

Adams Irresistable

Hook: 2xl #12 - #20
Thread: Black
Tail: Beaver Guard Hairs
Body: Spun Grey Deer Hair
Wings: Grizzly Hackle Tips
Hackle: Grizzly/Coachman Brown

GSS Caddis Cripple

Hook: Std Dry #14 - #20
Thread: Black
Body: GSS Olive
Wing: Tan Grocery Bag
Hackle: Light Grey CDC

Red and White Bucktail

Hook: 4xl Streamer #14 - #4
Thread: Red
Body: Flat Silver Tinsel
Rib: Oval Silver tinsel
Wing #1: White Bucktail
Wing #2: Red Bucktail
Wing #3: Peacock Herl

Catskill Classic Light Hendrickson

Hook: Std Dry #12 - #16
Thread: grey
Tail: Blue Dun Hackle
Body: Urine Stained Red Fox Belly
Wing: Wood Duck Flank
Hackle: Blue Dun Hackle