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High Country Gems

This unplanned collaborative effort between myself and Bozeman, MT based photographer Pat Clayton took place on a recent hiking trip in the Greater Yellowstone region. We brought fishing gear, but never made a cast. Instead we spent a couple of days watching this incredible spawning ritual.

After a full day of shooting above water stills, I decided to capture some above-water video to go along with Pat's underwater images. Pat's underwater trout photos are superb. These Cutthroat Trout were in the peak of the spawn, bold and showing all their colors. Pat has a deep appreciation for native species and the fragile environments they inhabit, as do I. Wild Cutthroat face a never-ending threat from competing species, hybridization, habitat loss and destruction, and climate change.

Unfortunately, there's just not many places left like this.


To see more underwater still images visit Pat's site at, or at

Montana Spey

Skagit guru and Steelhead guide Mike McCune talking about his new love for two-handed trout fishing, and some insight on the new Sage ultra-light 2 Handers and RIO Trout Skagit lines he has been working on over the last few years. Both will be introduced later this summer (2015). Filmed in Montana on the Missouri and Blackfoot Rivers with Headhunters Fly Shop.

Thanks to Mike McCune, Whitney Gould and Willa...

Song "Infinity" at

Montana Fishtales

Portrait of Montana Fly Fishing Guide Michael Stack. Mike has been fishing and guiding the rivers of Southwest Montana for 20 years, and is the owner of Fishtales Outfitting based in Sheridan, MT.

Streamers Inc

From the team at Headhunters Fly Shop for the Orvis Down The Hatch Film Festival in Missoula Montana.

Switch it Up

In the late fall, we stow our traditional fly rods and switch to our two-handed rods for the remainder of winter. The off season in North Central, MT is cold, and it's time for swinging streamers on the Missouri River in Montana. The fishing is typically excellent.

I haven't shot any two-handed fishing on the Missouri River in a few years. "Down & Across" was the last time, and it is one of my most watched Vimeo shorts (27K). There are more of us doing it now, and we're a little better at it.

Music is "Epilogue" by Lights & Motion, licensed through I've just started with The Music Bed and it's a great source.

Video: Shot with GH3, 60p (50mbs), Leica Nocticron 42.5 1.2 and Panasonic 12-35 2.8.

Always Worth the Trip

Mark Raisler talks about the experience of spending a day on a quiet Montana freestone river, instead of larger and more famous rivers that produce more and bigger trout.

First push

"Tailout" is my work in progress featuring Summer Steelhead and the diverse rivers they live in. The film is about traditional dry line fishing on the swing for West Coast Steelhead and the great diversity of waters they inhabit. In an era of "more is better", I hope to feature a more traditional and rewarding approach to steelhead fly fishing.

The initial teaser "First Push" features my good friends Andy Zachary and Sara Roholt targeting the very first fish of the year, which arrive to coastal rivers in late May and June. Andy has been swinging flies for Steelhead for nearly 30 years. Sara for only a couple. Though they are 20 years apart in age, they are two of the most avid and intense outdoorsmen I know.

Down & Across

A short featuring Sara Roholt fly fishing for trout using two-handed or "spey" rods on the Missouri River, Montana in Dec. 2011.
This type of fishing is most commonly associated with Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon fishing, but we find that it is extremely effective for trout on our river, especially during the winter months.

Reach Cast

Another How We Do It fly fishing video from Headhunters Fly Shop. Mark Raisler demonstrates the reach cast on the Missouri River. The reach cast is one of the most effective tools for catching fish on dry flies in technical situations.

The Marsh

A quick edit from a day of fishing last week while attending a trade show in New Orleans. Wasn't able to take anything but the GH2 and the 20mm 1.7. No tripod, wide angle or zoom in the boat. All handheld. Tough work. Fishing was great with Capt. Gjuro Bruer and my partner Mark Raisler. Tons of fish caught, here's just a few.

South Fork Guided Trips

Video of Ben Hardy and Ben McNinch fishing our newest private water. Great scenery, guides and fishing on our exclusive South Fork guided fly fishing trips.