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Finnmark 2012 - Big Fish

Rolf and Gerhard went back to Finnmark this summer and had a really good time.

Small Stream - Big Trout

Me and Martin went out to see if we could find some nice trout streams in the neighbourhood. We found a promising river and asked the landowner if we could give it a try. He said "yes, but I don't think you'll catch anything. I haven't seen any fish and nobody ever comes here to fish". Well, look what we found...

Finnmark 2011

Rolf and Gerhard spent one week during the summer 2011 in Finnmark (northern Norway) flyfishing for grayling and brown trout. Well, they had a wonderful time and caught a few big ones...

Finnmark 2010

One week flyfishing in Finnmark (northern Norway) during the summer 2010. There is no story here, just some fishing action in one of the nicest parts of the world (for us fishermen anyway).