Some random fly fishing shots I've been wanting to put together.
Fly fishing "The Pines" in NW New Mexico.
Floating for steelhead
Lake fishing from a pontoon boat
Like the dry fly the Super Renegade is more an attractor or searching fly, rather than imitating a...
Fly tying, Salmon/sea trout: The Orange Wake
Hammer Creek Fly Fishing Ties an Inch Worm
Nymph: Pro mayfly nymph
Fly tying, Dry fly: Foam ant
Materials Used; Hook Kamasan B170 size 14 Thread, Uni-8/0 White Rib, White Uni-8/0 Thread Body...
Learn to tie this Flies and Pies original.... The Pimp Slap!!!
Steve from Flies and Pies tying the "Killer Craft Fur Minnow" at Rainbow Fly Shop. This...