Nobody intended to make a sequel to Doc of the Drakes. It was a coincidence that Silver Creek...
Fly fishing the east coast
Here's one bonefish fly that seems to work no matter where you fish.
Steve Cullen ties the Viva Pennel fly.
Near Nuff Crayfish Bass Carp Fly Tying Instructions
Fly Tying For Beginners Pheasant Tail Nymph with Jim Misiura. An essential fly for those new to the...
Follow Montana Matt ( Richard and Eric BeeBe from
Damsel's will work the year round this little number is great early season and again in...
Pike fly: Flash pike streamer. Swing by my webshop, here you will find the best materials at decent...
Quasimodo Pheasant Tail Fly Tying Instructions
Medallion Midge Pupa Emerger Fly Tying Instructions
A Classic Dry fly from the Catskill's region of NY State