Czech Catnip Fly Tying Directions
When black stone flies land on the water they have a hard time getting off again. Fluttering their...
Hook: Partridge BIN #10-12 Thread: Sparton 6/0, black Antennae: Grey mallard barbs Shellback: Eel...
For this fly tying tutorial, I chose to tie the Clown Shoe Caddis (aka Boulder Creek Caddis), a...
An hour-long documentary about the situation of salmon in British Columbia, Canada
How to tie on Eumer plastic tubing, Intermediate level.
Tak's Crystal Chironomid Fly Tying Directions
Formerly Known As Prince Nymph Fly Tying Directions
A mix of bulk and length make the Half and Half fly popular for fresh- and saltwater anglers.
Tying Big Streamers For Large Trout. Streamer fishing for many years has taught me that even during...
How to tie on an Eumer Conetube.
Chan's Chironomid Fly Tying Directions