Here's a great small beetle imitation. Great for small mountain lakes, streams etc.
A half mad pike flyfisher out in a half gale in the middle of summer. Wading and casting, catching...
Fun little pink hopper with a cool dorsal fin indicator. In this fly tying lesson video tutorial...
Tying 3 Micro Glint Nymphs. Pattern by Davie McPhail


LaFontaine's classic caddis pattern, Emergent Sparkle Pupa, in this fly tying lesson video...
Here is a different style Wooly Bugger. You can even use it with a spinning rod.
Here's a nice salmon fly or stonefly imitation in this fly tying lesson video tutorial
Here's a great little ant pattern that uses Clear Cure Goo to coat the body.
Here is one of best fish catching caddis pupa. Good Luck with yours!
Fishing for monster rainbow trout at Onion Lake in British Columbia, Canada.