The Phoenix Shrimp (Salmon Fly) - Materials Used; Hook- Gold Salar Double, Thread- Fire Orange Uni-8/0, Tag- Small Oval Gold Tinsel, Tail- Golden Pheasant Breast Dyed Hot Orange and two Blue and Yellow Macaw Fibres, Rib- Small Oval Gold Tinsel, Body- First Half Chinese Red Uni-Floss or Yarn, Second Half Opal Mirage, Middle Hackle- Dyed Sunburst Hen or Cock and Dyed Hot Orange Rump Fibres some top and bottom, Front Hackles- Hot Orange and Dyed Red Badger with Sunburst Hackle Fibres tyed in top and bottom and inbetween the two hackles, Eye's- Dyed Flo- Yellow Jungle Cock.. There's a lot of materials on this fly so watch you don't put too many turns of hackle on as it's very easy to over do it. - fly fishing video channel - Global FlyFisher

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