River of Hope

River of Hope "The Wild Reverence Sessions"

Author and Oregon fishing guide John Larison takes us to his special river sanctuary he has been enjoying since childhood. Unfortunately a profit driven logging company had other plans along the banks of one of Oregon's most diverse coastal rivers with no regard for anything or anyone except their investors!

The first of a series in conjunction with the documentary film "Wild Reverence" The plight of the wild steelhead

North Fork Studios
Martin Joergensen
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From: Mackenzie · rivertooth76·at·yahoo.com  Link
Submitted May 7th 2013

Just wanted to say thanks for the video. It was well spoken, and your views are shared by myself and the few others, that have fished by my side from those same river stones. I would be interested in helping an effort for preservation and protection of this and other coastal fisheries.Please feel free to contact me by e mail if there is something I can do.