In Search of Sabalitos - Part 1

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The search for any one species of fish can become an obsession with anglers. This is especially true with tarpon, and a group of guys out of Colorado who call themselves the "Tarpoonicators." They've been chasing tarpon together now for over 30 years. Finding new places to fish for the silver king is a big part of the fun, and when they heard the rumor of a virtually untouched sabalito (baby tarpon) fishery accessed out a sleepy little Mexican fishing village at the northern edge of the Yucatan Peninsula the Tarpoonicators were on the next plane to Cancun! It didn't hurt that this incredible estuary was a aquatic bird preserve and virtually untouched by tourism. In fact San Felipe was a welcome return to old Mexico, with a rich culture that would startle and delight.
Wild On The Fly
Martin Joergensen
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