Published Mar 17. 2010

Shorts Vol.I trailer

A nice trailer for XtreamAnglers' 2008 DVD Shorts Volume I.

Martin Joergensen


Okay Martin, you can't to delete this video, but I think it undeniable that an extreme bad taste. About these bums expelled from Chile search to learn more. It's published in a Coyahique newspaper 2 years behind

Martin Joergensen's picture


It might be that they were expelled from Chile (however that is done?) and I certainly sense a rough and direct tone in the video, but I see no reason to delete it. You may personally not like these people, but they have done us no harm!


This is a trash!!!!!! That is a garbage!! Those fishermen were expelled of Chile, they are vagabonds, example of bad behavior.Totally the contrary of what should be a Fly fisherman. Please, delete this video of the globalflyfiher web site

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