Tenkara is NOT dapping

There is a very common misconception that tenkara is simply dapping. In this video I wanted to highlight the method of fishing, as well as a few shots of casting with tenkara. Tenkara is not dapping!
Tenkara USA
Martin Joergensen
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GFF staff comment
From: Martin Joergensen · martin·at·globalflyfisher.com  Link
Submitted February 10th 2012


I wouldn't say "Get a life" since I don't want to offend you, but I will say lighten up!

This is not meant as a place to criticize a certain way of fishing or the way it's presented by its proponents. It might me marketing by Teknkara USA and it might be previously available footage. That won't be the first time we present previously available marketing material on this site. And we are happy that some one wants to enlighten us about a kind of fishing that many of us don't know much about.

And by the way: be a man and stand behind your views with a name, huh? I was very close to not publishing your comment because it is anonymous. It's a bad online habit to hide behind anonymity when you want to criticize.


From: G.S. - Full name and email anonymized  Link
Submitted February 10th 2012

This appears to be blatant marketing by Tenkara USA under the guise of trying to tell us something new. Much of this appears to be previously avaialble footage, with maybe one or two flicks to get the line out. After that we do not see how the fishing takes place, and then it cuts to a fish being caught. There is no demonstration or discussion that specifically shows why this is not dapping. The last 'still' image shows a casting line, but that could be the first 'through-it-out-there-effort', and thereafter its 'dap-dap-dap' all the way. Yawn, nothing new here, and nothing to support the contention of this promotion video's title. Even if Tenkara IS dapping, what differernce does it make, if the advocates are having fun, and enjoying themselves? It seems that the proponents are rather overly sensitive to what others call it. Many of us don't care whether it is dapping or not, and it seems odd that there's appears to be a sense of needing to defend what tenkara is about. Get a life - just get on with it. If, however, they consider this to be some purist art form, then I would recommend they learn more about the history of fly fishing and the use of this and similar methods in wide use throughout Europe and Mesopotania for many generations.

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