Hammer Creek Fly Fishing Ties an Evil Weevil
A late season trip to Mid Wales.
Fly fishing in wild rivers in Patagonia - Chile
The full one hour film! Film credits: Producer - Richard Morton Director - Jason van Niekerk...
Purple flies have been very productive for trout fishing over the past few years. Tony demonstrates...
One of the best, if not the best, caddis emerger patterns we have ever fished.
Quigley's Film Critic can be tied to match any mayfly.
Tony Torrence demonstrates how to tie the tried and true Royal Wulff Fly. From coast to coast and...
Tuna fly popping smirt 1°
Tying The Jumbo John
Hula Damsel Fly Tying Video Instructions
Carey Special can be tied in many different colors to meet many different hatches.