hook: #14 TMC 403BLJ threads: brown benecchi 12/0 and UTC fl. orange rib: UTC Ultra wire Copper...
Fly tying, pike fly: Shank head
This week, Denver at the Big R Fly Shop in Great Falls ties a Cone Head JJ Special, a tried and...
Jay Nicholas demonstrates how to tie a Steelhead Jig style fly pattern he calls the "Kilowatt...
A very popular stealhead pattern.
Andorra Fly Fishing Video from our last trip to the European Mountains (Pyrenees).
Hammer Creek Fly Fishing Ties a March Brown Nymph
Birthday camping trip at Hickory Run State Park. No fish were caught but still a great time!
This video takes us back to Patagonia, Chile with gamarus on Rodeo Los Palos Lodge.
Hammer Creek Fly Fishing Ties an Irresistible Griffith's Gnat
Fly tying, salmon/sea trout: Sunray Shadow