Atmosphere and fishing from Lapland, summer 2013.
Capt Lacey from Florida fishing with Tres Pescados Fly Shop in San Pedro, Belize over the summer.
Fly Fishing for Bass & Bluegill in Colorado
Fly fishing for arctic char at surrounding waters of lake Rovijaure in northern Sweden.
Nick shows you how he ties a Nuke Egg!
Fly fishing trip to Norway 2013
Hammer Creek Fly Fishing Ties a Blood Worm
Here is my latest articulated streamer that I concocted to represent an adult crayfish. The fly...
Cielo Grande. Large Air. Big Sky. After almost a year away from Montana's waters, I took a...
Hammer Creek Fly Fishing Ties a Charlie Boy Hopper
Catching a salmon on a 6 wt switch fly rod during an August evening fishing session.