Hammer Creek Fly Fishing ties an F Fly.
Hammer Creek Fly Fishing ties a Prince Nymph
Fly Fishing and Tenkara in the emerald waters of Slovenia.
SoCalFlyTying - Steelhead pattern tied by John Vanderfhoof of the Long Beach Casting Club. This...
SoCalFlyTying - Southern California Corbina pattern developed by Paul Cronin to sight cast at...
Hammer Creek Fly Fishing Ties a March Brown Spider Wet Fly
Mike Decateau's Roe Jimmy Streamer Fly Tying Instructions
Many people have asked for this video so I decided to give it a go. A number of people have seen...
A deadly chironomid pattern.
As promised, Jay Nicholas takes trout fly tying to realms he has previously only dabbled in and...
Hammer Creek Fly Fishing Ties a Czech Nymph
Join Brian Wise, his friends, clients, and family as they fish Winter AND Spring, 2013!