A Variant of John Barr's Tung Teaser what a fly! This a quick tie with a few fishing tips....
Just a glimpse at whats to come this season guys! Enjoy!
The Blue Fox Variant resembles both The Editor Fly and a Blue Fox lure. It fishes well for Summer...
Tarpon Toad Fly Tying Instructions Directions and How To Tie Tutorial
Here is another classic wet fly pattern.
This fly was made by request. It is a Rich Garfield original design.
A typical day of hunting the elusive common yet hard to catch carp
This is the trailer for an upcoming short film about a 5 day fly-fishing road trip from Seattle to...
A few shots from our summer here at Sweetwater Fishing Expeditions.
Nice stream fishing
Possie Bugger Nymph Fly Tying Instructions and How To Tie Tutorial and Recipe
Here is a wet fly that would produce very well as a dry fly. Simply tie it on a light wire hook!