DNA Deceiver Saltwater Baitfish Fly Tying Instructions and Directions
Jurassic Lake is another dimension of fly fishing. Enjoy.
For the same reasons the GRHE nymph catches fish underwater the Dry version catches them on top.
Instructions on tying a Crystal Dace streamer
A quick backstage from Argentina 2011. Generally shot on Las Buitreras/Rio Gallegos.
Detailed instructions for tying an Egg-Laying Grannom Caddis fly.
Detailed instructions for tying a Hornberg Dry Fly.
Flashtail Whistler Pike and Peacock Bass Fly Tying Instructions Directions and How To Tie Tutorial
Lefty's Deceiver Saltwater Streamer Baitfish Fly Tying Instructions and Directions
A steelhead fly, step-by-step
For many, the Upper Delaware and Catskill region is a refuge from the hectic pace of life in the...
One fly that can express multi stages of mayfly emergence. Also this can tied for different mayfly...