Variation of a classic salmon fly.
Another classic fly from the Catskill's region.
Tying Flies: The Process is a film that illustrates how I tie my flies.
Thanks to Ole & Anne who joined us at Beiarelva / Saltdalselva and made this possible.
The egg sucking leech is one of the most used Steelhead patterns. This time I will show you how to...
Tutorial for my Bubble Blower Sculpin pattern. I fish this a great deal in the spring for steelhead...
One memorable morning dry fly brown trout fishing in Iceland, summer 2012.
Pike Fly: Mohegan Pike Pop
A beautiful trip to a desolated hut along a small salmon river in Iceland, summer 2012.
Footage of Brown Trout migrating up a stream in upstate New York. As I was filming, it felt like I...