For this tutorial, I chose a fly that has an extremely traditional look, known as the Bloody Mary...
A DIY bonefish trip to turks and caicos
A compilation of one full year of Fly Fishing the Ozarks, with Brian Wise.
Patagonia Fly Fishing
Step by Step instruction on tying an essential dry fly for those that are new to fly tying.
Seatrout/saltwater fly: The Flatwing Sandeel
2012 Trip down the Smith River, MT....
A mix of Ohio Steelhead Fishing and some Go Pro action on the Smith River, MT
Mercers Tungsten Swing Caddis Emerger Fly Tying Instructions
Steve Cullen ties the Cat Flapper fly.
Materials Hook: Partridge CS 54 Tail: Steve Farrar blend and grizzly marabou Body: SLF squirrel,...