Welcome to the first episode of our "Beginners Fly Tying Series" from...
Here's another addition to the "Beginners Fly Tying Series" from, the...
A bit of November lake fishing
This is a watch commercial, but also a very nice interview with a fly-fishing guide
Learn to tie Dave Gamet's Hot Bead Soft Backed Baetis Nymph. This is a proven pattern here...
Schminnow Snook Saltwater Fly Tying Instructions Directions and Tutorial
Tying a Manatawany Nymph with Jim Misiura
Bloody Snail - tied by Hans Weilenmann Hook: Mustad C49S #12 Thread: Benecchi 12/0, black Hackle:...
Soft Hackle Peacock Fly Tying Instructions Directions and How To Tie Tutorial
DNA Deceiver Saltwater Baitfish Fly Tying Instructions and Directions
Jurassic Lake is another dimension of fly fishing. Enjoy.
For the same reasons the GRHE nymph catches fish underwater the Dry version catches them on top.