Beautiful floating down Pitt River. The two hand casting isn't impressing, but the scenery...
From a "Working with Foam" class.
Tying A Bug Pattern by Davie McPhail.
Nicely produced fly fishing adventure.
Winner of the "Film of the Year" 2010 Drake Flyfishing Video Awards.
A beautiful feature about the Pacific salmon migration. It's much more than fly fishing.
Ben Furimsky ties the smaller version of his BDE. This is an awesome little fly.
Tying video BH Gold Stone "D" Rib Nymph
A classic!
Ben Furmisky's Extended Body Foam Green Drake. Ben ties up his awesome pattern for Green...
A silent movie with old good jazz! Fredrik goes fishing with Joona. Joona catches some nice trout...
This movie is made to remember the great fishing trips of 2009 and the great pikes we caught.