Drake Mag's Tom Bie hunts and catches a tarpon.
Another great video by the Scandinavian jazzmen! Excellently filmed and edited and the guitar music...
Hefty fish and hefty music. Hunting pike in Lake Esnagi
Fly Fishing in Greece (Late Spring - Early Summer 2010)
Great video, newsreel style, showing the first ever filmed marlin catch on a fly rod.
Appalachian brook trout. Neither the streams nor the fish are large, but certainly beautiful!
Steve Cullen does a great demonstration of how to tie one of these crazy British Booby flies with...
A great video showing a redfish spotted and caught - all seen from the anglers point of view
The maker of the other film can fish also
Flyfishing for pollack from the bellyboat in the norwegian fjords. (summer 2010).
A commercial for cabin renting in the southern US, but with some nice fishing footage and imagery.