This is a soft hackled "hot spot" version of the Pheasant Tail Nymph. The...
Tying Davie's Damsel Nymph Muddler By Davie McPhail.
A Quick Look at High Desert Fly Fishing in Oregon
Detailed instructions on tying a fly that is half pheasant tail nymph and half bead head hare'...
Tying the Bibio Diawl-Bach by Davie McPhail.
MOTIV Fishing is an independent media production company focused on the creation of progressive fly...
Some dryflyfishing in Norway
By Bearnishfly's Blog
Tying the Aero-Wing Midge by Davie McPhail.
Just a little edit for my fisherman friends. Cheers to all those good times!
Tying the Beetlejuice Hopper by Davie McPhail.
Northern Exposure pt II: Trout Latency. On a blistering hot summer day last week, I travelled to...