Tying a Shield Beetle by Davie McPhail.
Tying the Posh Tosh (Salmon Fly) with Davie McPhail.
Tying the Yokanga Gold (Variant) by Davie McPhail.
A soft hackled variation of the zebra midge. The sky is truly the limit in terms of color combos,...
Season 2 - Catch Magazine DVD. On sale now at the Catch Magazine Store!
T-Motion Issue #9 - Catch Magazine - by Todd Moen
Fly fishing Adventures in Rio Gallegos, Argentina. This Patagonian Sea Trout river holds big...
This is a little trailer I whipped up yesterday for a show on fishing the Hex hatch in the midwest...
Tying the International Bunny (Fry Pattern) by Davie McPhail.
Tying a White Winged Akroyd with Davie McPhail.
This is the trailer for a DVD that will hopefully hit the market sometime around Feb. 2011
Tying a Hatchmaster Mayfly with Davie McPhail.