Published Nov 3. 2012

Tussock Tango

In New Zealand each year we spend 1/2 our time fishing the small -- tiny streams of the Tussock Lands. The fly fishing is as "unpredictable as", with large browns and hot rainbows in streams that can literally disappear under a canopy of overhanging tussock grasses. Of course, the brutal Nor'Westers that sweep across the landscape at 140+kmh when heavy rains batter the west coast of the islands. The tussocks themselves are a neat micro-habitat for various birds, bugs, and trout. The angle of the forthcoming film is simply that -- the intensity and the discovery of some wonderful moments fly fishing in such unpredictability -- you never know what's going to happen when you hook into a 4 -- 12 lb brown or rainbow in these small streams.

Martin Joergensen
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