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Anecdotes, short stories, poetry... even novels

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Interview with a trout

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Only the River Knows
The Trout Also Rises

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The Trout Diaries

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The Old Line

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My First Fly Hatch

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Small Fry, 11

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Small Fry, 10

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Small Fry, 9

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Small Fry, 8

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Small Fry, 7

·Michael Jensen
·Richard Katzman
·Paul Kalbrener
·Pedro Pablo Yañez Duran
·Peter A.S. Miles
·Roy Lopez
·Ramiro Garcia Malbràn
·Eddy Arenas Jr.
·Allan Kuhlman Hansen
·Trevor Morgan
·A spring trip
·Beaver Kill River
·Casting Arm Blues
·Rudy van Duijnhoven
·LED DIY Light System
·Fishy photos: Nikola Novovic
·Postcards from the Swiss Alps
·Better pictures: shooting the sun
·On a white background
·Fishy photos: Pasi Visakivi
·Lough Conn trout fishing
·A spring trip
·Letter From Scotland
·Bronze Ides
·The Green Inchworm
·Another Year of the Giants
·Springtime In Detroit
·Pretty in pink
·My Time on the Mountain
·Lake fishing in Sweden