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The pike that stared
Published: 2015-02-02
5 months ago
This was one of those fish that staid glued to my inner eye for a long time. The largest pike I ever caught gave up a very good and pretty harrowing fight.
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School of roach
Published: 2015-01-28
5 months ago
I'm not picky when it comes to fishing and any day I can catch 12-15 fish is a good day - even when the fish are humble roach.
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My first salty pike
Published: 2015-01-23
5 months ago
I love pike fishing with a fly rod, and my first encounter with pike in the salt made a lasting impression.
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Buying some
Schwiebert flies

Published: 2015-01-13
6 months ago
A story about a group buying some of the Ernie Schwiebert fly collection.
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Of lead and chrome
Published: 2015-01-03
6 months ago
One was lead colored and slim, one was bright chrome and in perfect condition, bot both these south Swedish sea trout were memorable.
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King of the moonfish
Published: 2014-12-30
6 months ago
Moonfish are odd but fascinating creatures, and I have the honor of having been called king of the moonfish during a family trip to Florida.
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Mangrove tarpon
Published: 2014-12-26
6 months ago
I was never really taken by tarpon fishing. I've done it a few times and caught a few tarpon, but never felt the thrill that I see people get from fishing for these fish.
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Summit opener
Published: 2014-12-22
6 months ago
This was one of those days where things just worked out, and I took advantage of it and behaved slightly out of order.
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Jewel of the Rockies
Published: 2014-12-18
7 months ago
Little jewels of the mountains, greenback cutthroats cruising along the shore, easily visible from the rocks and eager to take almost anything offered.
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My float tube
is a sputnik

Published: 2014-12-14
7 months ago
I enter the water... I enter another universe. My tube is a sputnik suspended in the space above a lunar surface of sand and stone. I'm the astronaut. The clear water is my vaccum. I turn on my mental time lock and make the first cast.
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The man with
the silver waders

Published: 2014-12-10
7 months ago
This is about a steelhead - a sea run rainbow trout. We don't have wild rainbow trout here, so all rainbows we catch are escaped hatchery or sea farm fish. And most are butt ugly. But not this one.
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My most recent
decent fish

Published: 2014-12-06
7 months ago
Oddly enough the first fish I thought of when I started writing this series was my most recent decent coastal sea trout, which I'm ashamed to say was caught more than four years ago.
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I remember
that fish

Published: 2014-12-06
7 months ago
In spite of having caught quite a few fish in my life, some stand out. Not the biggest, not the most spectacular, not the most difficult... just some...
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Trading Tales
Published: 2014-11-11
8 months ago
Author Dominic Garnett went on a fly fishing trip in London with magazine editor Garrett Fallon
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The Best 30 Minutes
Published: 2013-08-20
A couple of years ago
When I turned to see where the small voice came from, I saw a youngster, half a century different in age and his Dad on the bank just slightly behind me.
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The Conversation
Published: 2012-12-06
More than 3 years ago
This story is an excerpt from Tom Alkire's latest book, River Stories: Headwaters to the Sea, a full of stories about rivers and most of them are about fishing as well. Sometimes meditative, other times humorous.
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Interview with a trout
Published: 2012-11-02
More than 3 years ago
Fish speak out for the first time ever! Learn why trout don't think a Royal Wulff is edible, why they jump when hooked and much more in this exclusive interview with the world trout spokesfish.
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Only the River Knows
The Trout Also Rises

Published: 2012-10-05
More than 3 years ago
Another crowdsourced video is emerging, and we at GFF think it deserves some support, so we call upon the GFF army to chip in and get some nice perks.
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Fishing with friends
Published: 2012-07-11
More than 3 years ago
Travis Swartz spends a lot of time on the water alone, but this past weekend he spent a couple days on the Big Wood River in Ketchum, Idaho fishing with his friends Reese, John and Zach.
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The Trout Diaries
Published: 2011-08-31
More than 4 years ago
"Yous fellas fishin'?" a Maori guy asked on the shore of Lake Otomangakau. I said we were having a look. "Plenty a fish here, bro. Big bastards, too. But bloody hard to catch, ay."
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The Old Line
Published: 2010-11-10
More than 5 years ago
That Maryland bank clad in stone offered no line of credit. The business, best described, was an angle of line to rock beside which a redbreast sunfish held suspended in shaded water.
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GFF Books
Published: 2010-09-06
More than 5 years ago
It has been awfully quiet on GFF lately, but we're working behind the scenes on some great material for the autumn. During the summer Martin has been busy making books, and you can now buy two volumes chuck full of his beautiful images and support GFF at the same time.
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My First Fly Hatch
Published: 2010-06-03
More than 5 years ago
This was my first serious flyfishing trip on my own. I'd done a fair amount of spin-fishing in my younger days, and had tried flyfishing a few times with a buddy or guide over the years. But now, approaching age 50, I decided to get serious about flyfishing.
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Small Fry, 11
Published: 2008-11-03
More than 7 years ago
Author ron P. swegman writes: "When thinking about reading and writing, I am also drawn to the home of the book: the library. This institution has been a constant throughout my life." and ends his story with a list of further reading. 
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Small Fry, 10
Published: 2008-10-20
More than 7 years ago
"Did you get a brownie?" The voice the author heard was young; a girl's voice that floated gracefully over the soft, almost melodic, water tumble of the creek. He was releasing a small brown trout that had patiently watched his patterns float by for close to half an hour.
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Small Fry, 9
Published: 2008-10-06
More than 7 years ago
Knots have challenged author ron P. swegman all his life. When he was a preschool boy, he demanded his mom buy him "buckle shoes" because he just could not get the hang of shoestrings.He reflects further over knots in this latest chapter of the online novel "Small Fry".
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Small Fry, 8
Published: 2008-09-22
More than 7 years ago
Light gear is best for little fish for two big reasons: first, light or ultralight outfits provide the most sport by giving these fish their best fighting chance; second, lighter outfits make fly fishing possible in unforgiving casting situations that leave little room for human error.
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Small Fry, 7
Published: 2008-09-08
More than 7 years ago
More than a sport fish, the brook trout has, throughout its range, become a barometer for the environmental health of North American rivers and streams. It seems fitting in this context that a little fish plays such a big role.
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Small Fry, 6
Published: 2008-08-25
More than 7 years ago
The father of English fishing literature, Izaak Walton, devotes two chapters of The Compleat Angler to chubs (or "cheven" in the archaic plural), and in one scene his Piscator takes pleasure in catching the largest one of a school of twenty to the amazement of his companions, Venator and Auceps.
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Small Fry, 5
Published: 2008-08-11
More than 7 years ago
The white perch is actually an anadromous silver bass in the fish family Moronidae. This game panfish is the little cousin of the striped bass and shares much of the same habitat: the brackish tidal estuaries and adjacent rivers of the mid-Atlantic and New England states.
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Small Fry, 4
Published: 2008-07-28
More than 7 years ago
I have been an amateur musician for many years, comfortable on both keys and strings, and to use an analogy from that facet of my life I will state that, to me, the rock bass is akin to a punk rock song - It hits you hard, is pugnacious and tough up front, and though it doesn't last too long, it is undeniably a strong, clever, and classic rocker.
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Small Fry, 3
Published: 2008-07-14
More than 7 years ago
Lepomis auritus, the redbreast sunfish, does not receive the front-page press of its cousins the bluegill, the crappie, and the black bass. This species deserves increased specific attention, though, especially from fly anglers who prefer to fish flowing water, because the redbreast is the stream sunfish.
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Small Fry, 2
Published: 2008-06-30
More than 7 years ago
The smallmouth bass is the headliner of small coolwater venues and that fact is understandable. Micropterus dolomieui bends fly rods and performs top water acrobatics throughout the course of the fishing season, even during the hottest dog days, as long as the human on the other end of the line knows his or her art and craft.
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Small Fry, 1
Published: 2008-06-16
More than 7 years ago
Perfection is as illusory in fishing as it is in any other aspect of life, yet practice brings with it certain plateaus of near-perfection. Such stages in a fly fisher's practice provide a good time and opportunity to branch out.
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Small Fry, intro
Published: 2008-06-16
More than 7 years ago
A treatise on small fish and small waters; an eclectic collection of classic fly pattern variations; a survey of some of the better literature on the art and sport of fly fishing; a portrait of the angler as a young man... All of these descriptions apply to "Small Fry: The Lure of the Little" brought to you by ron P. swegman.
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