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JoergensenMartin9569965Pike Fever2 weeksHardy style reel cases6 days
PettiBob1404144Tying Heritage Featherwing Streamers4 yearsMaking grips II17 years
SchweitzerSteve551065The Fly Fisher's Playbook6 yearsNew GFF book8 years
MühlbachKasper4343The Mörrum Fly10 months
SkehanBob20121New Streamers14 yearsIFTS 200117 years
LarsenKen Bonde1717Danish tube fly inspiration7 years
BroosKorrie1515Sierra Nets2 years
JorgensenNils1414The Prince11 months
HarangBruce E.1313Bass Bug Fishing17 years
swegmanron P.1313The Old Line9 years
PlatoChris Del10212Oatman Swap - Introduction To Lew Oatmans Patterns7 yearsCarrie Challenge II8 years
KenlyBob1111Where Reality Collides With Fantasy (Part Two)6 years
VerschoorBas8210Speyshal13 yearsFestival fishing18 years
HogueMike1010Fish Art for the Stars2 months
DysingerCapt. Mark99The Blitz8 years
BoydHarry99Bamboo part 715 years
GrayPete819The Welded Phly9 yearsPeeete's Pheather 'n' Phlash6 years
NormandaleJan99Jan Normandale, Canada18 years
KašparBřetislav99Green Caddis Larvae6 months
FarkasStefano268Homage to Carrie Stevens1 yearMerry Christmas 201811 months
JacobsenPreben Torp88Simo Lumme19 years
MilesPedro Alfredo88Limay in November1 year
VerhaarHenk718Tool turning13 yearsFestival fishing18 years
BiesotTom77Tom’s bobbin holders1 year
WillersJan-Ole77BaR: Handle12 years
SchneiderHeiko66Salmon fishing in south Patagonia2 years
LuallenWayne426Folding Feathers4 yearsThese videos will make you a better fly tyer3 months
SchmittrothJohn55Yellowstone Country3 years
TseliaritskiDmitri55CDC Loop Wing Foam Emerger11 months
WestbeekMartin55Taming the Humpy4 years
HeinsohnCarlos55Wiggling Frog Legs1 year
SlaneyPaul415The Bahamian Rhapsody I13 yearsLittle Devil15 years
PolcicAndrej55Grasshopper Valley11 months
DyerLR55The Riffling Hitch16 years
HelmChris44Fly Tying Thread Options2 years
GarwoodCharles44Charlie's Bead Head Scud22 years
HaveNiels44Jock Scott6 years
SaastamoinenIsmo44The IQ shrimps18 years
DuranPedro Pablo Yañez314Micro Tarantula Crab6 yearsPedro Pablo Yañez Duran6 years
NicewongerRobb44Robb Nicewonger7 years
KalbrenerPaul314Why I DIY3 yearsColored Mono Eyes9 years
HansenAllan Kuhlman44Allan Must Shrimp3 years
SwartzTravis44Thanks To You!7 years
KiskinovRadoslav44Shark's Caddis Larva10 years
HenrionRoland44Break a rod14 years
MorganTrevor44The Red and Copper Shrimp7 years
WeilenmannHans314Tying with CDC8 yearsHans Weilenmann18 years
FraileyPeter44Baby Buggers16 years
PerezCarolina33Lake Vintter 7 years
LopezRoy33Goldmine Crab6 years
StanescuRemus33Hardy style reel cases6 days
BaumannFlorian33Capital Fishing2 years
ModicTomaz123The Bahamian Rhapsody II13 yearsThe Bahamian Rhapsody I13 years
SaballDoug33Blacknosed dace18 years
EdghillChris33Salty dreams and glassy shrimp12 years
KolarikRobert33Off season in the right time3 years
MincinauskasRolandas33South Patagonia 210 years
KissaneJoe33Cheap Lazy Bastard13 years
KatzmanRichard33Beaver Kill River5 years
Grandal-JohansenJan33Jan's Giant Buzzers9 years
GrzelewskiDerek33Trout Bohemia3 years
WhitakerWade33Sea Bass off the coast of Portugal3 years
AllertonDavid33Picking hackle18 years
NoltingKai33Pretty in pink8 years
YouellAlan33Bar Guac Hopper10 months
ArbogastEric112The Cowboy Way17 yearsStaff writer Eric Arbogast18 years
BoyerMike22Discovering the Marbury Lake Flies7 years
FohrmannJesper22Jesper Fohrmann5 years
StevesHarrison22The Locofoam Story17 years
ScharabunRoman22Spring preparation20 years
HauerJim22Doing the Limbata22 years
GrandisonLindsey22Hornbergs18 years
VasiesLucian22Wings with CDC4 years
BarsholmJesper22DIY Vacuum Rod Holder1 year
BoothGarret M.22Garret Booth16 years
JensenMichael22Optic Flies1 year
Arenas Jr.Eddy22Eddy Arenas Jr.6 years
JakubaszekStan22Ghost Reindeer Shiner16 years
VisakiviPasi22February Red5 years
LauritzenFlemming112The Oscar Fly5 yearsCatskill Tube Flies6 years
TveskovErik22The Flying Flash Carpet10 months
SorensenMichael22Merging two fly lines5 years
TaylorWill22Blacknosed dace18 years
cliffb22Cliff's Loop3 years
WarhuusRunar112Wayne Luallen17 yearsWayne's Tying Tips10 months
GadePer22Faroese redemption5 months
WidmaierJames22El Grande10 months
LeBlancJocelin22Jocelin LeBlanc9 years
KleinmanKelvin22Double K Reverse Spider9 years
MalbrànRamiro Garcia22Ramiro Garcia Malbràn6 years
MeldgaardTorben22Rena revisited2 years
Anders Ovesen22Neo-Classic - instructions10 years
RenkawitzDr. Tobias22Internet Flies10 years
SimpsonCapt. Mel22Captain Mel Simpson7 years
LewisDave22Writing on rods12 years
LundKern Leo112The Perfect Transparent Bait Fish4 yearsKern's Perfect Leo Shrimp9 years
JohansenAllan Nørskov22Allan Nørskov Johansen3 years
BrownDick22Bastard Crab8 years
Craigue, Jr.Ken22Jim Warner Swap8 years
RokaSasa Bencun22The Gradac River in Serbia1 day
FinardiGiuseppe22An Italian take on Ora Smith1 month
OstermannSven22Common casting errors19 years
BowersMartin11Chinook in the salt18 years
MuñizNoé Tirado11IKEA Fly Tying Board1 week
LeeRich and James11The Road less Traveled2 years
WilsonIan11Boat or belly boat?3 years
EriksenClaus11Sea trout and foam flies5 months
HasmasanMircea11Microspey rods2 years
CrispNorm11Improving fly line control20 years
HansenMark Vagn11The Mia Fly18 years
KlopferCapt Jim11River Snook4 months
PalmérRené11Fishing New Zealand20 years
MoulinFabien11Tying better flies10 months
UlnitsSteen11Meeting Magnus2 months
StewartDave11Landing Wild Fish the Right Way4 years
PetersenKim Conrad11Faroese redemption5 months
DattaSamantha11Deep and slow1 year
MeilerElmer G.11Designing Poppers, Sliders & Divers1 year
EndressDean11Pacific Northwest Streamer Conversions9 months
NémethJános11Winter fishing11 years
UrkedalØivind11The Cone Head Tube Fly20 years
Bech-PetersenClaus11The killer fly17 years
GlerupSoeren11George F. Grant’s Flies19 years
ThorntonDanny11Lucky 133 years
AutioWes11Carrie Stevens II20 years
SalehHanafi11The Floating Shrimp22 years
WilliamsSteve11Make your own dubbing wax18 years
HolmDaniel D.11A guide to fly-fishing for pike4 years
KleesJean-Marc11The Cowboy Way17 years
MukaiJuro11Juro Mukai's shooting head setup23 years
BoudreauBob11C&R of salmon23 years
MoserRoman11The history of the gold bead23 years
PrinceDave11West Carry Dace18 years
BalázsPéter11Winter fishing11 years
EmeryJoe11The Zuddler15 years
LevingsColin11Salmonids in estuaries3 years
KoskiJari11Jari's Tube Baitfish2 years
LambækStefan11A leather folder for your flash2 years
RodeJohn11The Zuddler15 years
FellinCraig11Montana Trout16 years
FederighiFabio11NiCh Fly Suspended3 years
BrociousHamilton11Yellowstone17 years
DaskiewichScott11Fall Streamers16 years
HöhnRüdiger11Tryggelev Terror3 years
MerkeviciusArturas11Festival and fish2 years
RicePaul11The Best 30 Minutes6 years
KempkesRaoul11The Perfect Woolly9 years
MarshallAndrew11Action Emerging Caddis9 years
RoseCapt. Paul11Carp on the Fly9 years
RobintonCharles11Chuck's FlutterStone9 years
EggeSteve11The Barbell Tube10 years
WeiergangThomas11Take me back11 years
BanelisMindaugas11Kola autumn10 years
MalmbergJesper11Europe's New Zealand9 years
MareeRichard11Fishing the Danish coast9 years
FerguisonReese11Intermittent Rewards7 years
PetrucciAlan11Alan Petrucci Streamers7 years
EskolHenning11Digitizing Flies15 years
MäeVahur11The brown trout rivers of Estonia7 years
GormanTom11Sailfish on the Fly8 years
MurphyShane11My Time on the Mountain8 years
KjensmoGeir11Your best indicators!12 years
AustinLes11Balance beam12 years
CornwallJoseph D.11Tribute to MOM13 years
AdamovskyPavel11Czech Nymphing13 years
RybolovMichael Smith AKA11Favorite Dad13 years
GrombacherAl11Bow River Bugger14 years
JenkinsJon11Build a Grip Lathe17 years
WatsonClyde11Mini Streamers14 years
LibertoneMark11Wingless Wets13 years
GiglioTom11Bergman13 years
SkestaviciusVytautas11Monster's Bug12 years
PaglieiTony11Convertible tubes12 years
LampertDarryl11HiVis CDC Midge12 years
DavenportRipley11Thin Blue Lines13 years
WiklundJari11Measure tape II13 years
VargaVilmos11Asp Parade13 years
AlkireTom11The Conversation7 years
RafusArt11Trout beads7 years
SwierAd11Irish pike17 years
LundOle Jessen11Mauve?4 years
HolecekPetr11Microjig nymphs and small streams5 years
GarnettDominic11Trading Tales5 years
CheraghiDavid ”Sid”11Sid’s Fin Hack5 years
ElwardBrian11Dicentrarchus labrax6 years
SchmidtMads11USD Shrimp4 years
GrubićGoran11Euro BWOs4 years
MartinJarred11The Searunners4 years
MacLeodRoddy11My summer salmon fishing22 years
OlsenRane11Rane Olsen's streamer project4 years
ToneyDamon11The Poly Dodger4 years
PanićAleksandar11Euro BWOs4 years
SchmidtRay11Rattlesnake Streamer2 years
ChangJoergen11FlyOn tube fly system5 years
SkarbySoren11Braid a worm5 years
LykkeMeik11Thai Mahseer5 years
UrbanAdam11Glitter John6 years
LutherDaniel11Postcards from the Swiss Alps6 years
McCallumGordon11Letter From Scotland6 years
SchreiberThomas11On a white background6 years
HerdAndrew11The Bat Fly6 years
DuckworthRoger11Duck's extended body6 years
BithellAlan11Rubber band tool6 years
RanaHarsh11Fly Fishing in the Himalayas6 years
WadtGuilherme11Neguinha Fulô6 years
BammatterLukas11Stripers on the flats5 years