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  • Reply to: CDC-2-colored, olive   12 years 6 months ago

    Be nice to have more information on the 2 colored CDC fly. Form the picture it is not very obvious where the 2-color part comes from or what the body is made of.

  • Reply to: Vltava-Dobrá   12 years 6 months ago

    River Vltava in Dobra is my very favourite venue especially known for its big graylings and beautiful nature. So it´s nice to find something about my country on your website. If you want to buy fishing permit, you need state licence as described above. This licence can be bought at town hall of bigger towns but some problems are possible. Opening hours are not convenient and language skills of town officials can be very poor. Czech fishing union, which distributes fishing permits, is not very flexible organization so it's very useful to contact particular organization before your visit to arrange an appointment. The best solution is probably to contact some czech guides or common flyfisher as Kasper done. For example or can help you. Above mentioned Honza Siman is excelletn flyfisher as well as famous producer of interesting tying materials

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    nice looking fish and nice looking dog. what kind of dog is that?

  • Reply to: The Zuddler   12 years 6 months ago

    Dear sirs: My name is Marcos Podesta from Argentina and I fished the Patagonia for 27 years. I just arrived from a fishing trip from there, where I fished some lakes and rivers.Before the trip, I tied some of this fly patterns (the Zuddler) in diferent sizes and colours, and I obtained a remarkable succesful catching brown and rainbow trouts between 4 to 6 pounds with this fly. The movment effect in the water of this fly with conehead and rabbit tail is mortal.
    Thanks Mr.Emery and Mr. Rode !!!

  • Reply to: Bow River Bugger   12 years 6 months ago

    how about using sculpin wool instead of deer hair with lead tying the bow river bugger.

  • Reply to: March Brown wetfly #10   12 years 6 months ago

    a fantastic picture

  • Reply to: March Brown wetfly #10   12 years 6 months ago

    a fantastic fly

  • Reply to: Rainbow looking up at a G...   12 years 6 months ago

    What a great shot. I almost wanted to set the hook myself. How was this shot set up. And where are you fishing that rainbows will still take flies with a camera in their face?

  • Reply to: Pike Landing   12 years 6 months ago


    I certainly respect your opinion and I think I have stated fairly clearly in the article that lifting fish out of the water in the jaw is not necessarily the best way of doing things. I have yet to see any visible damage to any fish I have seen handled in this way and I would be very pleased if you could mail me some links with references to the studies about the swallow reflex you mention. As a biologist I would be very eager to read them.

    Personally I think a campaign against spinning lures with three large treble hooks or the usage of gaffs would be a better way to spend ones energy, but as I said: I respect your opinion... although I might have wished for a kinder and more constructive tone... ;-)

    Thanks for your valued input anyway.


  • Reply to: Pike Landing   12 years 6 months ago

    Your story above is just bullshit! A big pike or a fat pike will get serious damage if you just lift it in the gill. Studies about this, you can read them here on the Internet if you search! Personaly I've noticed that it takes far longer time for the pike to recover, if you lift it in the gill, completely above the water. But the biggest problem is that the swallowreflex will be destroyed if you do so.

    Best regards


  • Reply to: The backlight through the...   12 years 6 months ago

    Needs fill flash to me. I don't think you would lose the other nice aspects mentioned.

  • Reply to: Bow River Bugger   12 years 6 months ago

    I'd try one other thing, hen hackle instead of rooster.