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    The Branchu as tied by Jean Guy Cote incorporated a jungle cock nail split in two and placed 1/2 on either side of the body. See Stewart and Allen Trout Flies for one tied by JGC.

    Thanks for the site I really appreciate it.

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    Say Hey martin,

    I was just looking at some of your bonefish theme... wonderful work. Nice job. However, you have mentioned that Charlie Smith was the originator of the "Crazy Charlie." That's not quite correct... please let me share with you part of an interview I had with Bob Nauheim the person who created the fly...

    Here's the story directly from Bob:
    It took place on a bonefishing trip to the Bahamas. I believe it was around 1977. Keep in mind there really weren't many flyfisherman chasing bonefish at this time. I was working with a guide (and lodge owner) named Charlie Smith. We were watching the bones apparently key on "glass minnows." I asked Charlie if that was a common food for bonefish and he replied "Sure mon."

    That night, back in the lodge, I tied some flies with a bit of flash, some clear Mason 15 lb. Mono, a couple of feathers, and a pair of bead eyes. The eyes were adopted from steelhead patterns I'd used with great success. It was the first time "bead eyes" were used on a bonefish pattern.

    The next day we had a ball catching fish with the newly created pattern. Charlie said "dat fly is nasty mon" that's when I gave it the name "Nasty Charlie." I'd run into Lee Perkins, of Orvis fame, and he asked me about the fly design. He'd heard how effective it was on the flats. I sent him a sketch with tying instructions. Later that year it was presented in the Orvis Catalog as the "Crazy Charlie." It's had that name ever since. I'm delighted it's become such a widely accepted fly.

    A sad note to this story is that Bob has just passed away. He will be missed by many in this industry. He was a mentor of mine and a close friend. Thanks for giving me a moment to share this story with you.

    Cheers, Kenny

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    Dirk, very goooood photo...from me to your photo clear BIG SIX ...good light from Percas from Eastern Slovakia....

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    Dear Makers Of Leadercalc
    I have been using leadercalc for about 5 years, I have found it to be the best download I ever did. It Has completely improved my casting of heaviers poppers and small flies.It has competely changed my understanding of delivery of flies.
    Thank you very much
    Walter K

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    Great ! I've been using lint as described for a number of years. Good article !

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    Nice article...and nice flies.


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    You can read more about heat treating bamboo with a toaster in Preben Torp Jacobsen's article.


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    I am wanting to make my own bamboo flyrod. I see I need to heat treat it. Can you give me any ideas on how to do this without an oven? I've see where you can use a steel pipe or make your own. Can you tell me how to do this? Thanks for your time matt

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    Very good!!!!

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    It was released of course.

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    Thanks Martin. I truely love your own pictures and this website, so I really appreciate your comment.

    Despite agriculture and the French "catch and kill" mentality, there are still some interesting places in France (flyfishing wise). Beautiful rivers, wild fish ... but fishing is usually quite tough.

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    This is an awesome website! Have you seen the new mini Fish Pimps made by Angling Evolution. I have yet to try them but will in the next couple of days.