Published Feb 14. 2015 - 9 years ago
Updated or edited Sep 9. 2023

DIY IKEA line tray

A few inexpensive items from IKEA and a little work, and you have a fine line tray.

Strips for straps - You can attach the strap on the tub using cable ties run through holes drilled in the tub
The finished tray - The DIY IKEA line tray with the rack and strap mounted
Line keeper - The line keeper in the bottom is made from a drying rack, secured with a few cable ties
A simple DIY line tray
Jesper Barsholm

Line trays AKA stripping baskets can be really handy for people fly fishing from dry land or in the surf. Keeping the loose line in a basket at your waist can save you a lot of trouble having it floating in the waves, stuck in the bottom or simply tangling in grass or bushes.

There are a lot of commercial products available from Brand names like Orvis to lesser known names like the Danish Linekurv to something absolutely no-name.
Prices vary, but as it's almost always the case, fly anglers seem to have to pay a lot for very little, and considering that most line trays are essentially plastic dish washing tubs with a strap, they sometimes appear slightly overprized.
Well, since they look like tubs with a strap, why not make one using a tub and a strap?
Danish angler Jesper Barsholm posted this simple and inexpensive design on Facebook, creating a line tray using easily accessible IKEA items with a price of about 20 US$, which is typically very much less than the trays you can get in fly-shops.

Forsiktig stool - Family people might see a children\'s stool. Fly anglers see a line tray upside down.
Boholmen rack - Originally made to hold drying dishes, this rack will make a fine line keeper in the bottom of the DIY IKEA line tray. You may want to remove the handles on the sides.
Boholmen tub - This is originally an insert for a sink, but does well as a fly line tray
Frakta straps - IKEA can also supply straps for the line tray. There\'s two in a set.
The parts

This little project can be a perfect way of fighting the last bit of spring fever here in the northern hemisphere and get ready for the coming spring season.

A tub and a drying rack, both in the Boholmen series and a strap - either from the collection of such straps that many of us seem to have, like an old wading belt - or from IKEA, who can also supply a luggage strap called Frakta.

So the list of parts runs like is:

- Boholmen rinsing tub, USD 9.99
- Boholmen flatware basket, USD 7.99
- Frakta strap, USD 3,99

Apart from that you will need a few thin cable ties and a drill and maybe a cutter or simply a pair of scissors to trim the ties and maybe the strap.
Since you get two straps in a pack from IKEA, you might as well buy two tubs and two racks and get two line trays for almost exactly 40.- USD and you have a nice gift for a fishing friend.

You can make an even cheaper couple of trays by using a children's bathroom stool called Forsiktig also from IKEA, as a replacement for the tub. That might not seem immediately perfect for the purpose, but turn it upside down, and you have an ergonomically shaped basket that will sit tight to your body thanks to its curved shape.

- Forsiktig children's stool, USD 4.99

You will need to drill a few holes to secure the rack in the bottom of the tub with a few cable ties. You might want to dissect the rack a bit, since it has some handle like extensions on the side that you can remove, but you can also select just to leave them on.
The strap can also be fixed on the backside of the tub using cable ties, and four small holes and two ties will do the job. A few more holes and strips can secure an even tighter fit. Play it by ear until you are satisfied.

Don\'t call IKEA! - No, this is not an IKEA item and you can\'t call them if you can\'t figure out the assembly instructions!
Some assembly required
Martin Joergensen


Very nice, i am one ...

Very nice, i am one of the unfortunates that chose to purchase one of the more costly types (Orvis), not complainig or busting Orvis' chops the tub is absolutely top quality and very very durable, but that being said i will be letting my fellow brethren of the surf know about this article. Thanks again.

I've been using thi...

I've been using this basket made by forsiktig basket and some 3,4mm cable ties set in a triangle shape. Just drill small holes through the bottom like in that Linekurv's basket they are fitted and add some glue to make sure that those cable ties stays. Biltema's tool belt costed about 4 USD so the whole setup was made less than 10 USD and works very well! Belt is assembled also similar as it is in the Linekurv's basket.


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