Published Dec 10. 2006 - 16 years ago
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Flyfishing for perch

So we had our first outing yesterday since my arrival in Denmark. Who turned the heater on? It was so warm! :) Not that I am complaining, as Vancouver was experiencing some serious snowfall with sub-zero temperature when I left. :?

Anyways, I connected with my first european perch on the fly yesterday. It wasn't too feisty on the 6wt but I was pretty excited nevertheless. Firsts on the fly always are.

Basically, I tied up (or attempted to) some #2 flashy streamers the day before I flew over.

[i:fd2861909d]European perch.[/i:fd2861909d]

[i:fd2861909d]My choice of weapon.[/i:fd2861909d]

[url=][img:... [url=][img:... [url=][img:...
[i:fd2861909d]My fish from yesterday.[/i:fd2861909d]

I've read [url=]the article available on GFF[/url] a few times. It is a great read. What are your favorite flies for european perch and what technique have you used successfully while targeting them? :wink:

Take care all. :)

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I am using any shiny or red coloured streamers, preferably with a golden head. Perch is my favourite species, it is by no means a fastidious fish, it basicaly grabs anything that moves! You just need to find the spot. I wish I could take to one of my favorite perch lake near CPH, hovewer, the season is over. Where have you been fishing these days?

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Hi Vanuz, my fishing...

Hi Vanuz, my fishing opportunities are fairly limited as I only have access of a car on weekends sometimes and the primary purpose of my visit here is to spend time with girlfriend. :oops: Last Sunday was our first trip out at Tryggevælde River (that's basically where we fish most of the time, as we do not know many spots). I'll go whenever I can, weekdays I can go while she's at school too. Located in Valby. :)

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Hi Vanuz, my fishing...

[quote:281e582a83="Rodney"]Hi Vanuz, my fishing opportunities are fairly limited as I only have access of a car on weekends sometimes and the primary purpose of my visit here is to spend time with girlfriend. :oops: Last Sunday was our first trip out at Tryggevælde River (that's basically where we fish most of the time, as we do not know many spots). I'll go whenever I can, weekdays I can go while she's at school too. Located in Valby. :)[/quote:281e582a83]

Well, even though I have a car 24/7, I spent the whole week at work. It is dark already when I am coming back home. Thus, I am also free on weekends only :(
... btw, no problem putting you both in my car and go fishing if you like. I have never fished "a river" in Denmark, and I´d love to...Is there any special day-card needed out at Tryggevælde River? I am based in Hellerup.

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The day fee for TryggevÃÂ...

The day fee for Tryggevælde River is 75 Kroners (25 Kroners between June and August I think). You can either purchase it online on [url=]this page[/url] or at the gas station just before you arrive at the river.

It's not bad, we like it there as we rarely see people fishing it, at least on the stretch where we fish. On Sunday we fished the mid stretch and didn't encounter any anglers. On the lower end, we saw around half a dozen anglers at the end of the day. The lower end towards the river mouth is more heavily vegetated with only a few access points, but they tend to be dry banks. The middle section is wide open and can be accessed with ease, but it is rather muddy and saturated with water so waders are necessary. When it gets colder, the bank is more solid and walking around is easier, but fingers are colder. :?

A day trip to Tryggevælde River can certainly be arranged. :) Maybe others are also interested? :wink:

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A day trip to Tryggevælde...

A day trip to Tryggevælde River can certainly be arranged. :) Maybe others are also interested? :wink:[/quote:4562fef781]

If I am not on a business trip to Slovakia this weekend, we may give it a chance. I´ll let you know as soon as I am sure. What kind of fish can be caught there?

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Both Saturday and Sunday...

Both Saturday and Sunday morning and early afternoon are open right now for me but I know a few others are going to get back to me so plans may change, but will confirm as well.

Maybe Martin wants to come too. :wink:

The target species would be perch and pike. Once awhile you would by-catch a sea trout as well while spinning for perch, but of course those are closed for targeting (or just keeping?) this time of the year.

Here are a few photos from last winter at Tryggevælde. I've never really caught any gigantic pike, all the ones have been a couple of kg, but I have seen some big ones rolling around.

[url=][img:42... [url=][img:42... [url=][img:4...

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A few new photos to share. :)...

A few new photos to share. :)

Today we were out for perch briefly. The head wind was a bit stronger than expected so the spinning gear came out.


Last week we were out for sea trout on the coast for a bit. No luck, but the coastal scenary was quite nice.

[url=][img:c... [url=][img:...

If anyone still wants to do a trip to Trygg, maybe after Christmas as the feast is about to begin for a few days. :)

Seasons greetings all.

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A few new photos to share. :)...

[quote:557967f068="Rodney"]A few new photos to share. :)

Today we were out for perch briefly. The head wind was a bit stronger than expected so the spinning gear came out.



...beautifil perch, the surroundings look like the one in Ishoj...

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Yes, we were told to go to...

Yes, we were told to go to Ishøj for perch. :) Nina and I decided to get on the train and do a bit of exploring today and found the water pretty easily.

Even with spinners, I found it rather frustrating today as most people were primarily fishing with bait (ie. live roach etc) and hauling in one fish after another one. I do a bit of bait fishing back home but personally I would find it rather repetitive if they are striking on every cast. Anyways, some big perch in there. :shock: Any experiece with flies there?

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Yes, we were told to go to...

[quote:3818232312="Rodney"]Yes, we were told to go to Ishøj for perch. :)

Any experiece with flies there?[/quote:3818232312]

I was there this week - for the first time. Funny, but I was also told to go to Ishøj for perch :))) - and since I did not have enough time to drive down to Trygg, I chose that place. Initially, I planned to go flyfishing, however, the weather was a bit harsh in Ishøj, therefore I packed out my spinning rod and got some nice perch.

I have just booked for Ishøj on Monday, definitely want to try flyfishing, if the weather allows me to. Wanna come?

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Monday... absolutely love to,...

Monday... absolutely love to, but family Christmas lunch... :? I have Christmas lunches on the 25th, 26th, 28th. That's funny you were there for the first time too. I was somewhat discouraged since the fish were pounded pretty heavily by bait, thought they would not even take a look at a lure after being so well fed and hooked. I found the side with the water gate much deeper and easier to fish, where as the other side seems to be very populated with skalle/roach (we accidentally foul hooked a few when spinning, kept bumping into them). Quite an interesting fishery, I've never seen so many big ones congregating in one particular spot.

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Yep, that place is full of...

Yep, that place is full of fish, probably gathering together for winter. I´d rather try flyfishing as I almost left the place dissapointed after having fished for about 15 minutes while hooking roach from outside, I could not avoid it.... Flyfishing should do the job, though. A nice seatrout (about 60-70cm) was also caught there, at least I suppose it was one, since it was caught on the opposite bank.
Hmmmm, you´re too busy as far as I can see, I may as well be free on the 27th....

Fly fish for perch.....

Hello there,
Very nice perch Rodney. Its very nice to see that somebody will estimate a valueation of this fish, because in my country perch is kind of weed....Iam used to fish for them with boat around banks of our dams. During summer we fish for them with poppers and its pretty good fun.But fish like you caught is not a lot and find school of fish in this size(3 up to 5) is very rare. Medium size is on picture...
With regards DADA

And Rodney----very nice pages!!!!!

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Vanuz, don't plan your trip...

Vanuz, don't plan your trip around my schedule on the 27th just yet as I still have to confirm with the boss/gf. :shock: Even though it is a Christmas lunch-free day I suspect something related will require my attention as well. I will post as soon as I find out exactly what has been expected from me. :)

Dada, back in British Columbia, our primary target species are salmon, trout and steelhead so being able to explore species in other families is extremely exciting for me. :) By the way, did you just sign up in our discussion forum as I accidentally deleted your new account. :? We have been overloaded with spammers lately, resulting in a dozen fake account deletions, sometimes I end up deleting the ones I should not. Please feel free to sign up again. ;)

Also, back to the original topic, let's see some of your favorite perch flies. ;)


Be sure that Iam jealousy!!! Because in our country, in my country we havent fish like you have!! We´ve a lot of nice graylink and trouts streams, but trout season is to short or during floods is impossible to fish there so we´ve to fish for another like pike, asp, perch, zander and a lot more.... Ill send you pictures if you want....
And by the way.....iam gonna do it again :wink:

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Hey vanuz, Merry Christmas. :...

Hey vanuz, Merry Christmas. :) We just figured out our plans in the upcoming days tonight. My 27th is mostly free, girlfriend is going to the movies. If you would like to go to Ishøj or Tryggevælde River and would like some company, I can join you. If you cannot head out, that's ok too, another day is fine too since it looks like Denmark decides to remain tropical this winter. :lol: Anyways, fire me an email if you are available and interested.

After getting some errands done on Saturday, I convinced Nina to go to Tryggevælde River for a quick outing. We did ok, the world's smallest pike decided to grab my fly. :lol: Nina landed a perch on the spinner. I finished the day off with a sea trout that apparently found my perch fly very appealing. In addition, I managed to lose a mysterious fish on the spinner.

[url=][img:... [url=][img:... [url=][img:...

Interesting looking flies Dada, would love to see more. :) Where I come from, anglers are definitely quite spoiled and unaware of how lucky we are compared to anglers in other parts of the world. In the Pacific Northwest, our fishing season is basically 365 days of the year, with up to ten different salmonid species available. Here in Denmark, although salmonid species are not as diverse and abundant, I enjoy the hunting aspect of exploring species in different fish families. My initial attitude towards predatory coarse fish such as northern pike and perch is that one only needs to drop the presentation in the water and reel in a fish. That has since changed after not being able to produce from time to time. :)


I deffinintly know, what you mean. I had(may be have) same idea. But at summer Ive been in Costa Rica for a couple of months, where I staid with fishing guide and I fished for a lot of fish spieces which Ive never seen before!! But after three months I was like....Ohh my small graylinks, trouts.. Deam my river infront of cottage... And now I am just looking forward for next season!!!
It isnt mean that Iam not gonna visit any other country!! Ive a lot of plans(Canada included :lol: ). But for next year iam gonna fish a guide just in my country(just two short trips to Turkey and Bosnia). In Czech we ve sentence it means somethink like a "everywhere is fine but at home is famous". And thats exactly means what I feel write now...
Merry christmas and happy new year :lol:

And sorry for my english :cry: Iam trying to do my best :( ...

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my first shrimps...

I have tried to tie some shrimps, perch seemed to be interested in it, as I got more than 20 today....Rodney, you know where....

My killer perch fly is:-...

My killer perch fly is:-

Thread - Black
Tail - Pink Marabou
Body - black cactus chenille
Eye - Silver chain

As simple as that. Catches me perch in bucket loads!

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Hiya all, I am back in...

Hiya all, I am back in Vancouver once again, sorry to those who I haven't been staying in touch with email. Vanuz and I were able to get together just after Christmas for a day of fishing, we managed to find some perch. My last catch of the day turned out to be the [url=]largest perch I've encountered so far[/url]. I cheated a bit though, with a spinner. :lol: Vanuz was able to get a few on the fly, but they were a bit smaller than that.

Anyways, January fishing in Denmark was a bust, as record rainfall kept us inside the apartment most of the time. We managed to do something fish related in the end, we visited Øresund Aquarium in Helsingør.

Thanks once again for everyone's assistance. :)

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Hi Rip,...

Hi Rip,
I´ve checked Trygg last week, the "soup" was rather muddy and full of grass of any kind. Few small piked saw the shore, but otherwise it was a dismal. No giant perch around, no trouts...
The place was nearly empty, just a bunch of idiots running around and taking 30cm pikes home spoilt the atmosphere :evil:

I hardly drove home ´cos my eyes got swollen and grew to the size of tabletennis balls ( :shock: ) as I suffer from hay-fever :oops:

Hear from you soon.

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Too bad Vanuz, you should...

Too bad Vanuz, you should have gone to Trygg about 6 weeks earlier. ;) If I remember correctly, Nina and I were there on May 12th last year and the big pikes were boiling on the surface everywhere. This time of the year it's pretty slow (that's probably why the day card is so cheap :lol: ).

Here's one from that day.


We'll go back there in December for those big perch again. ;)


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