Published Apr 16. 2009 - 15 years ago
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Help buying waders.

Hello Flyfishers.

I am looking at some waders and was wondering what should I be looking for. I have been looking at the Cabela's line of waders just the neoprene ones and was wondering are they the way to go or should I get the ones which say they are breathable. Also is it better to get the ones with boots included or the ones with the socks then you buy wading boots seperate.


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I have no experiences regarding Cabelas waders. I have been using Vision and Simms. Visions have a lifetime under my conditions of app. 2 years. Go for the ones with boots. They are much more comfortable!

Kasper Mühlbach

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Let there be no doubt about my opinion: buy breathables! And a sock model.

There are soooo many reasons to go that way of which I can mention:
- [b:a8b9a03630]comfort [/b:a8b9a03630]- good breathables feel like a good pair of jeans.
- [b:a8b9a03630]volume [/b:a8b9a03630]- they pack really well.
- [b:a8b9a03630]weight [/b:a8b9a03630]- nice both when traveling and wearing them.
- [b:a8b9a03630]warmth [/b:a8b9a03630]- they are as warm and sometimes warmer than neoprenes. Don't let anybody tell you differently! Most people who say the opposite have never worn breathables.

the debate about the last issue is ongoing and eternal, but considering breathables as "summer waders" is cheating yourself from being warm and comfortable in cold water. It's what you wear underneath that matters. Wear the right pants and socks, and you will be warmer than ever.

In really cold, running water a pair of firm, non-compressing boots might keep you toes a little warmer, but I myself and the guys I fish with have bee wearing breathables only for the last decade, and trust me - we do fish in cold water, sometimes crushing the ice on the way out!

[url=]I have written about this before in this article, and it still stands.[/url]

Other things to consider is fit or shape. There's a huge difference in the shape of the waders, and you should try them on in the shop wearing a thick layer underneath. Get them big enough! If the feel tight and difficult to get in and out of in the shop, imagine yourself outdoors in bad weather with nowhere to sit and no support. Especially the legs should be wide and easy to pull on and off.

Personally I also go for simple: few zippers, few buckles, few stitches. The simpler the more durable.

And regarding the number of layers and the quality of the fabric... some breathables have three layers, some four and some five. I don't think it matters much as long as the outer layer is strong.
My experience is that worn extensively, these waders will stay waterproof for a few years and then start leaking. I think the membrane simply stops working and starts breaking, and once that happens you have to go out and buy new waders. There is no way to keep on repairing a pair of waders where water seeps in in multiple places.
And my impression is that this goes for expensive as well as cheap breathables.

Personally I prefer socks and loose boots. I can choose the best boots, and I can exchange one part and keep the other, which I have done many times. I seem to eat my way through more waders and boots than the average angler. My friends tell me I can destroy anything!

Well, a long post, but I hope it helps you decide.


Thanks for the help and yes...

Thanks for the help and yes you did help with the decision.

Thanks and tightlines everyone.

Caught my first steelhead on my own handtied leader. He was only 10 inches but he jumped clear out of water 4 or 5 times. Great fun.

Hi guys . Im going to...

Hi guys . Im going to Bornholm in april as every year.I have got a problem about wading shoe `s in winter or in early spring. Should I buy any neopren waders as usuall or made from other kind of material which are weight much less and how should I be clothed not to freeze in the sea. Ineed some advivice about this subject :cry:

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If you ask me: buy breathable waders!
And then dress properly underneath.

And read this:



Hi, I prefer breathable to neoprene waders. Nowdays there is no problem to buy top quality underwear to protect yourself against cold. I usually fish during winter months, winter can be quite cold here in Czech republic and I can not imagine to use neoprene wades if I need to walk hundered meters or a couple of kilometers during the day. Sometimes it is neccessary to make a long way to access your favourite spot and in this situation you always find breathable waders more convenient.

Thank you for your help ...

Thank you for your help ,Martin and pike. I`m decided for breathable .It`s always worth to learn from experienced bodies. Dear Martin (and or any fisherman from Denmark) I got another problem. We all fishermens are crazy. Me and my friends thought about taking boat (6 m long ,all safety equipement on board) . Could you explain me regulations about fishing from the boat. We want to be correct and take care about the rules. Nobody from yor embassy could help mi because they think they are not out of mind like we ,fishermans. Please help us .Best regards. Fisherman.

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You can fish from a boat as long as you have the state license for saltwater fishing, which is very inexpensive.

You can launch the boat from many beaches where you can get close enough to the water. You can also use boat ramps in harbors, but you will probably have to pay a small fee for that.

You can see more about the license rules here:




I've been a cloudveil fan and just purchased a pair of (2009) 8X waders from this site: - Cloudveil seems to be going through some kind of restructuring meaning their business is somewhat questionable. Their stuff is really good quality though but would be outside of the range I'd be willing to pay if it were not on sale.


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