Published Jan 11. 2007 - 17 years ago
Updated or edited Aug 8. 2015

Honey Shrimp


Hey everyone.

I want to tie some Honey Shrimps. The material list says that I should use Fly Hair II for the back, but I've only been to find regular Fly Hair. Would regular Fly Hair be allright? Or is there a big difference from Fly Hair to Fly Hair II ?


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you may use Fly Hair. I am not sure, but I think the inly difference is that Fly Hair II also have some angel hair in it.

EP fibres is also a suitable material. Try mixing some different dark or light colors so you get a "camouflaged" look.




Thanks for your advice. I have now tied a few Honey Shrimps, and i must admit they are quite hard, particularly those legs, i find it very hard to get them in the right posistion, well practice makes champion i quess.
I've attached a pic of one of the shrimps i have tied, they are not nearly as nice as the ones in the article, found here on GFF, but they are allright i quess. Let me know what you think, cunstructive critisisme is welcome.


Btw, everyone is ofcourse welcome to reply :)



The legs are not easy, but if you tie them with rectangular(when cut through. Think that`s the ones you`ve used) rubber legs, they`re a lot easier than spending days getting one flexi floss leg right :wink:


Ps. your shrimp will definetely catch! :wink:

Any suggestions for...

Any suggestions for simplifying/moderating the pattern?

Chenille or some sort of yarn for body?! Leave the eyes?! Or...???

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I do not know how you simplify the Honey Shrimp. The original pattern is what you see.

If you cut off the unnecessary you will end up with a hook dubbed with your favorite long fibered dubbing. That's it. That is the most simple you can get.
The Honey Shrimp will probably not catch more fish than the dubbing fly, but it is definitely more fun to tie and it looks great in the water.

The Junior Mysis is a more simple shrimp like pattern. You may start with that one. Try it in a tan version.

Good time at the tying bench.

Kasper Mühlbach


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