Published Jan 5. 2007 - 15 years ago
Updated or edited Aug 8. 2015

Magnus/polar magnus.......variations?


I've been using the magnus fly to great success and have now tied myself a polar magnus with great expectations.

But as I sat there at my vise an idea came into my head! A magnus with a blue collar. Now this fly wouldn't be then too far away from a teal, blue and silver, and I know they're fantastic for sea trout.

So has anyone used/have any experiences with this fly?

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Hi Ryan,

I have used the Teal, Blue and Silver many times in the salt and the sea trout love it. No quibbles there...
There's no reason why a magnus with a blue collar wouldn't work?
I will knock one off tonight and give it a whirl in the local salt.


Oh yeah, you had to get that...

Oh yeah, you had to get that picture in you show off.......just wait, I'll reply to that one.....

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It worked....

Hi Ryan,

The pattern worked. Nothing big but several sea trout caught and released between 35 and 47cm and pure silver over two days of varied weather. Sunny one day with four taken and rainy the next with five taken.
Loads of trout seen jumping and rolling on both days.

Having said that, we are having exceptional mild weather here and the trout are still feeding well.

I am 100% certain the pattern will work in all conditions especially spring and autumn. Make sure you tie of loads and bring them over in April. I have tied of 10 and plan to fill a box before rapture.

Excuse the photography...I needed pictures as quickly as possible with the young fish out of the water for seconds - if that. There's no joy is fannying around for a good picture with young fish.


I'm glad my little creation...

I'm glad my little creation worked, I haven't had a chance to try it yet due to it raining buckets and blowing a gail. Though I was out an hour and got absolutely soaked, but the result was worth it......


A sea trout of 2.5kg is always welcome. Also got a makerel? Got to be a rarety....

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Yeah...Well that's nothing. I can catch 2.5kg fish with my bare hands and still cast pretty far with the rod strapped to my feet...
Your fish looks kinda small don't you think. You been messing around with photoshop?

Seriously...A nice fish. 2.5kg is a pleasure...
You should of took an umbrella!

Hej Wiggy, a little late, but...

Hej Wiggy, a little late, but congratulations to this fish :D

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I know it's been months since you originally posted this, but still. The guys on Bornholm sometimes use a fly called Otto, which has a blue front hackle (guinea fowl), and I remember having seen Magnus-like flies with a blue front hackle - as well as red, pink and orange.

I can't see why it shouldn't work, but on the other hand I fail to see why the improvement is needed... I use a slightly modified, dull grey and tan, Magnus for 80-90% of my fishing for sea trout in the salt, and it rarely fails me when fish are around.

Find the Otto here [url][/url]


I have actually tried this...

I have actually tried this fly on many occasions, all resulting in no fish! So it seems the simple and original magnus a winner over here anyway.

Though the flies that are catching regularly are black zonkers in the evening/night and pink shrimps + a local sandeel pattern during the day.


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