Published Feb 28. 2009 - 14 years ago
Updated or edited Aug 8. 2015

Murmansk Munroe


Can anyone direct me to a pattern resource, or better yet, an image?

Much appreciated...

I found it. Carry on.......

I found it. Carry on....

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And you leave us baffled? No link, no indication to what you found, no nothing...?




Here goes...

I came across the "Murmansk Munroe" while thumbing a copy of [i:bc5e3817b3]Trout & Salmon[/i:bc5e3817b3] by R. Valentine Atkinson (page 166). Its color, shape and materials make it a nearly perfect candidate for conversion to a Brook Trout streamer. And not much of a conversion - just a simple swap of the Salmon iron for a streamer hook.

Did some 'Googling'. Asked some questions. As far as I can tell, the Murmansk Munroe is a cousin of the Murmansk Killer which is itself a cousin of the Munroe Killer. (?)

Pics below for the Murmansk Killer, copied from the Mann book, and the 'highly convertable' Murmansk Munroe, copied from the Atkinson book.

With another 12 inches of snow to the ground in Maine today, there will be plenty of time to sort this one out...


Craig White

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I also Googled the fly, but found nothing. But I didn't give Chris' books one thought. I have the latest volume 'Directory of Salmon Flies" on my table right next to the computer since I'm writing up a review of it, and one look in the index and I found it... The Murmansk Killer, a Munroe derivative. Duh!

Sometimes the answer is just under your nose!


>Sometimes the answer is just...

>Sometimes the answer is just under your nose!<


I'll post a pic of the "[i:fc3662480b]Murmansk Munroe[/i:fc3662480b] Brook Trout Conversion Fly" when time allows. Copper tinsel, orange dyed squirrel tail, red bucktail and yellow hackle. A Brook Trout magnet, if ever there was one...


As I was saying... :)...

As I was saying... :)

I've burned through several versions of this pattern. Copper tinsel, copper braid, more red bucktail, less orange squirrel, yellow hackle fibers, yellow whatever, etc. Frankly, Brook Trout are not too picky. Certainly not in the Fall (when I fish most). The spawn is on and their minds are elsewhere.

It's not the best conversion I've tied. It's certainly not the worst. It gets the job done:

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An orange or yellow hackled...

An orange or yellow hackled collar would make that fly irresistable to the heritage strain brookies in my neck of the woods!!
Nice conversion!


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