Published Apr 24. 2007 - 16 years ago
Updated or edited Aug 8. 2015

My fly box.


A little bit earlier I had a question about fly boxes and after that I decided to buy one.Now I tie to full fill my box,and that is the result 8)
[URL=][img:c89aea000... [URL=][img:c89aea000c]... [URL=][img:c89aea000c]...

Now photos are large,I corrected it.. :oops:

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Fine tying skills (young eyes...

Fine tying skills (young eyes ;)), When i was 14 I allways carried tree boxes full of flies around, one with nymphs, one with dries, one with traditionall wets, streamers, hairwings, montanas, etc.

Today I hardly carries tree different fly patterns with me ;)



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Those are good looking flies. I like the order and discipline in that box! Very unlike my own fly-boxes...


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That doesn't look like any of...

That doesn't look like any of my fly box, it's too well organized. Those are some fantastic looking flies..


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A very disciplined fly box !...

A very disciplined fly box ! Very nice flies. Mine is up of one off "try this" patterns.


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To much time......

Hey, Svieki,
I was always told that an angler with a well organised and balanced fly box spends to much time by the bench and not by the water...

However, given the bitter, icy and long winters in Lithuania, I am obliged to give Sarunas a break!!! He has the time to arrange and re-arrange his box of tricks every day while the streams are coated with that cold white stuff.

Is the picture a "before" or "after" the fly fishing season?

My box should be in the league of "Ripley's, Believe it or not!"

I agree with Steve. I have not visited the streams in Denmark this year for one reason or another...But next year, that must change.

Regards - Iki

I am sure that after a few...

I am sure that after a few days on the river the box looks like the filter in an industrial strength clothes dryer.

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My fly boxes looked like...

My fly boxes looked like those for about the first winter before I started fly-fishing. Now, despite my best efforts, they always end up a mess of scattered flies. The biggest problem if I meet people with other variations or tying methods and I have to make extra room. I don't even bother having separate boxes for different types because all of those have overflowed. The hatches here in northeastern nevada are fairly scattered and you never know exactly what they'll be eating since we're not considered rockies, but we're not pacific either.


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