Published Apr 28. 2009 - 13 years ago
Updated or edited Aug 8. 2015

need line for really heavy flies casting

Hi All
I've ordered loop opti x-grip line 10 saltwater rod. need a good line(not too expensive :roll:)
powerful enough to turnover really BIG flies. Think about some short heavy head but having no experience with this kind of stuff don't want to make a mistake. loop 10' line 8 doesn't manages the flies.
thanks for any suggestions


i use the loop opti runningline with a loop booster shootinghead

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If sinking line is acceptable for you then try SA Wet Tip Express :wink:
Its running line is not thin, but it casts like a rocket :idea: I have a red one (450grains) for my 10wt rod- perfect for long cast with huge flies :P

thanks Alex I thought about...

thanks Alex I thought about shooting heads but need to avoid any connections unless really necessary
Sarunas-I'll use the line for surface mouse patterns. How do you think if the sink tip would pull it under the surface? That is tempting option to get a sink tip 'cause there will be big bunny bugs in use as well and sink tip could do the job for both methods
Thank you guys

Hey Michal, I do not think a...

Hey Michal, I do not think a sink tip will work for a skating mouse, It will just pull it under too quickly. Here in nz we use a heavy wieght forward floating line and if the leader does not turn over nicely it does not matter too much as once you have done a couple of strips the leader is straight. Also I normaly mend downstream before stripping to get the mouse realy moving.
All the best.

hi Mike...

hi Mike
I've done some research and ordered cortland pike rocket taper and vision big mama(funny name you want to see what comes up when you google it :lol: )
the last one has a slow sinking head and inter running. We'll results soon and I'll post a review. Thanks for the help guys

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Hi again,...

Hi again,
My offered sinking line is not the best choice for you then..
Big mama is quite a nice line, but there is one rule. Ir your rod is #10 then you need to buy #11 line and cut about one meter from tip. Then it will cast reallllly large flies! I tried this trick with #9 line and #8 rod. It works well! Another opportunity is Rio Outbound and maybe some Loop models. I tried one (maybe 10wt Opti Stillwater)on some 10wt Loop rods and without fly it casts extremely GOOD! All line plus 2-4m of backing!

Tight LINEZ,

oh gosh!...

oh gosh!
wf 10 is already coming and is to late-but it make a sense what you say! Thanks anyway will do that next time.


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