Published Feb 23. 2009 - 13 years ago
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Need translation from Danish to English

Hi, we have checked the fishing maps here ( ) and on some very interesting spots, some restrictions and limitations are applied. Unfortunately I do not understand Danish, so would be anybody so kind and could help? Is it possible to translete this?

16. september - 15. januar

Does it mean that fishing is restricted in this period?

Is there any map with all the restrictions and areas where the fishing is forbiden?

I have got the book 117 best spots on Fyn, so we would appreciate something similar for other parts of Denmark. Internet version would be the best.

thanks a lot

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If you are talking sea trout, which I guess you are, there is a restriction on the fishing between September 16th and January 15th. But the restriction is simply that you have to release any colored fish you catch - meaning pre or post spawn fish.
The silver fish you can keep, and if you fish catch and release you can fish as much as you want. Small fish under 40 centimeters are always protected and must be released.

Please also notice that some estuaries are closed in the same period (stream mouth and a 500 meter radius) and some are closed all year. These are probably all marked on your maps.


Restriction and limitations...

Martin, thanks. You are absolutly right, I am really interested in sea trouts.

So according to your explanations, the below mentioned limitations mean:

- fishing is forbiden all the year in marked area (radius)


16. september - 15. januar
- fishing is permited all year, but all coloured fish caught in the mentioned period must be released.

I have problem with danish words Helårligt and Frednings :-) Periode would be probably the same as english period\ :-)

Thanks a lot

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You understand Danish! Great!

Yes, Fredningsperiode is protected period.
Helårligt is all year.

And yes, the rule goes for colored fish in the protection period and fishing in and near the estuaries in the protected period for certain streams and all year for other streams - typically the larger ones.

Hope this clears things up.



Martin, it's absolutly clear now.

Thanks for your reply.

BTW: During first half of March, a lot of flies from your site will be tested in waters of Denmark :-) serves least for me:)


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