Published Jul 10. 2008 - 15 years ago
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Please help the beginner

Hi everyone,

I'm new to sea trout fly fishing (I'm going to fish in Denmark) and after reading quite a lot on the subject I still have one question not answered - sea trout tackle. I know sounds odd - there is a lot info on which rod-reel-backing-line-leader to choose, but as soon as I enter a fly fishing shop, I have one big problem - which brand and model of rod-reel-backing-line-leader to choose.

It will much help if you post info on your own sea trout tackles (any comments are appreciated too). Then I can choose one, go in a shop and buy.

Looking forward to your posts.

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A salty start......

Ask a question, get a thousand different answers...

If your a beginner in the salt, forget names brands - at least for now.
I do not know of any sea trout that care for brand names.

Your best bet is to look around for a complete set. These normally contain rod, reel, line and backing and sometimes flies, leaders and tippets.
These are excellent options for a beginner in salt.

Fenwick / Abu Garcia have a good set and today, I have seen a superb set in Aldi in Fredericia which contains a superb rod, reel, line, backing and rod case. The rod is excellent which also has a pretty nice reel seat and what seems - good cork. the rod is rated at a 6/7 which is perfect for Danish salt and looks as if it has a good enough backbone for sea trout.

Bilka in Denmark also stocks the Fenwick / Abu Garcia / Pure Fishing fly fishing rod set.

These are more than adequate for a start and I would avoid over priced gear that unfortunately doesn't come with any catch guarantee!
A bad salesman will hand you a Thomas & Thomas. A good saleman will direct you to a modest set or compile a set for you that won't break the budget.

Remember that salt is the most corrosive element on the planet.

You can look at spending up to Dkr. 500 - 1000 for a nice set - and one that may last but if you can, buy in Germany.

There was an article on GFF a while back about a fly fishing set that Martin found but I can't find it. Martin will help there...

If your visiting my neck of the woods on Fyn then I'd be happy to show you a few places and give you some of my primative instruction. You may even connect with something silvery-like.

I am surprised no-one has replied. This site is full of experienced sea trouters (unlike me), that can help with information not found in any 117 fine fishing places on Fyn book.


Starting kit...

Hi, in my opinion, it is not necessary to buy special sea trout kit if you have some rod for lines #6 or 7. During my trips to Denmark I used my stillwater kit and it seems to be ok. As Ripley mentioned Salt can be problem. So after each fishing it is good to wash the rod and reel is fresh water.

Hi Fedor,...

Hi Fedor,

I would go for a six weight outfit:

Reel: My first choice would be a Danica Compo 69, but that might be hard to find. Second choice is Loop Evotec CLW 2six or Loop Evotec CLWC 2six. It is made from a composite material, is cheap and more than sufficient for Danish salt water. It will take a WF6 and app 100 yards of 20 lbs. backing.

Backing: Choose 20 lbs. dacron in a colour you like. Do not worry about brands.

Line: Either WF or shooting head - that's your choice. WF would be Rio Main Stream pike/panfish/bass which is a fine, very easy casting line. For a shooting head, I would highly recommend a Lawson neutral in 6 weight. It is a very slow intermediate, which is very popular in Denmark. Pair this head with Lawsons pink monofilament running line and you have a perfect match.

Leader: 12 feet with 0.25 mm tippet. Any brand with that spec. Flourcarbon would be the best choice, as it sinks a little faster that nylon.

Rod: Personally I use a Affinity MX from CTS in New Zealand. But I do have a commercial interest in that brand. In any case: Go for a 9 feet model that is not overly fast or stiff.

Tight lines

Claus Bech-Petersen

My gear...

I have been using a Fenwick HMG AV rod, class #5 for the last 6 years with the Fenwick Nighthawk reel. There are still in perfect working order and handle salt well.
I have been using them all seasons and as frequently as 3 times a week (living only 700m from my home waters), in all weathers, and caught all size fish.

Scierra do some good rods and reasonably priced but there many other good brands to choose from.

Floating lines WF serve well in most conditions and a standard 9 to 12 ft leader. Tippet: 20-25mm.

Claus gave good advice. The Danica Compo is superb and the Loop Evotec clear not only looks dandy, but can handle the salt.

Go forth and catch that fish!


Beginner set...

Ripley, you are lucky man, lucky man. Live only 700m from the shore, it is superb.
I started my seatrout fishing with #8 Sage Xi2 and found it little bit heavy. Thank I went for freshwater #5 Sage XP and it was fine except cigar handle. Than I had #6 St.Croix Legend Ultra and I liked it too. Nowdays I use another #6 rod together with Rio Outbound lines and It seems to be best solution for me.

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Distance no option......

Its actually 724m to the waters edge. It's amazing what boredom can do on non-fishing days!
The GFF summit is held on the very beach - 724m from my home. It's about 7.2km of prime coastline. Is that enough I ask myself?



Yes, we fished the same place a couple of times. Very interesting place. A friend of mine caught there beautiful seatrout over 70cms. As I said you are lucky man.

Re: My gear...

[quote:daa5e7d782="DistantStreams"]I have been using a Fenwick HMG AV rod, class #5 for the last 6 years... [/quote:daa5e7d782]

Hei again from Norway Ripley,

I am using #8 (The old Loop) LTS Ultimate on my Scierra 7/8 Rod and the line works very well.
But i cannot find a good #5 line for my Vision 3-zone Rod :?

What kind of #5 line do you prefer there in Denmark Coasts?

Thanks for your answer :wink:

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Well, here's the thing...
I don't claim to know much about fly lines. I stick to what works well and holds out over time. Given the fact that I, stand in salt about 2 to 3 times a week will put any fly line to the test.
More than likely, I can't be that concerned about rinsing, cleaning, lubricating and farting around with the line after I return. It's just left on the reel, sometimes not even removed from the reel seat, until the next time. And that's my routine.

So, what line have I been using, currently use and would recommend?

Fenwick Aircutter WF 5 F. The line I have on my reel at present has been loaded on the reel for two years. No sign of wear and tear here. The line previously, also Fenwck, lasted 4 years. Nothing was wrong with it, in fact I still have it as a spare, I just fancied another line, had the cash, and thought - what the hell.

Many will say and boast about different lines. Ask a question and get a thousand different answers. We all swear by what works for us.

There are many good lines and I am not claiming that Fenwick are the "bees knees".

Any reasonable #5 WF/F will work for salt.

Salt will eat into any fly line, regardless of brand, price, colour or what fly fishing instructor / guide sponsored by NASA will say.

There you have it...

O, one last thing...The colour has no effect on fishing. Don't get a sleepless night over blue, red, yellow, clear or the like...

I hope it helps.

Ripley "gives just the facts".

Hi everyone,...

Hi everyone,

Thanks a lot for your help. Taking into account your suggestions I consider to choose one of two rods from Greys: G-Series or GRXi (both 9' #5/6) and one of these two reels from Danica: Large Arbor Composite 46 or Tecno 46. And I think I will stick to the Fenwick Aircutter line. What do you think of it?

Best regards

Hi Fedor,...

Hi Fedor,
if you have a chance try to cast the two rods that you are considering (perhaps best on a windy day).

Unfortunately, I can't try...

Unfortunately, I can't try them as I'm going to order it from UK. Would appreciate an opinion of anybody who used or heard of those rods and reels.

Hi everyone,...

[quote:5a057543a8="Fedor Bierwirth"]Hi everyone,

Thanks a lot for your help. Taking into account your suggestions I consider to choose one of two rods from Greys: G-Series or GRXi (both 9' #5/6) and one of these two reels from Danica: Large Arbor Composite 46 or Tecno 46. And I think I will stick to the Fenwick Aircutter line. What do you think of it?

Best regards[/quote:5a057543a8]

Hi Fedor.

You seem to have made your choice. However, here are my two cents.

I agree very much with Claus' post earlier on the page. However, as you are a beginner, you could also think about buying a #7 rod. It's often terribly windy on the Danish coast and a #7 is a bit more resistant under such circumstances.

Loop CLWC and Danica reels are solid choices.

Two lines in the medium price range I have found very good to use are:

Loop Multi and Rio Mainstream

Whatever rod you choose do not choose a very fast rod and definitely do not choose one of the so called "saltwater" models. They don't necessarily fish better on the Danish coast even though they can come in handy in windy conditions. For a beginner they are in my opinion rather difficult to learn to cast with and could very well ruin the whole experience.

From what I have heard Greys make fine rods. Even though I haven't tried their rods, I think you are on the right track. However, it can only be advised to try a rod before buying - in general that is.

Oops! I seem to have misread...

Oops! I seem to have misread your first post a bit. I thought you were new to fly fishing in general. Well, if that is not the case you might know the whole debate about rods actions. You mayalso be able to read from my post that I for one am not a fan of those super fast rods. :wink:

Yahoo! I caught my first sea...

Yahoo! I caught my first sea trout. First my wife caught one and then 15 minutes later I did. Although the fish was under 40 cm I'm very glad anyway. All thanks for your help.

Congratulations Fedor !!! ...

[color=blue:e256c3566f][b:e256c3566f]Congratulations Fedor !!![/b:e256c3566f][/color:e256c3566f]

You cracked the code now :lol: welcome to the club 8)

You`ll never forget your first one !

Petri Heil :wink:

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Congrats m8, now the next one...

Congrats m8, now the next one. I saw one jumping while fishing for seabass and my hart started pumping like grazy and so did my casting arm :) But unfortunatly it wouldn't take my fly.

Catching sea trout on a cold...

Catching sea trout on a cold winter's day when the sun warms the water and there's not a cloud in the sky is just magical. Sea trout fishing is a real joy......


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