Published Jan 26. 2008 - 16 years ago
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Reel Weight & a New Scierra HM# Rod

I'm in the wonderful position of having to buy a new rod and reel for my sea trout fly fishing needs. I (think) I'm settling for a [b:cacab62f66]Scierra HM2[/b:cacab62f66] rod in a 5 or 6 wt. mostly because I have heard that the HM2 should [i:cacab62f66]perform better[/i:cacab62f66] than the HM3, but I will try and see if I can get hold of both of them to give them a try.

I know from reading the forums that some of you guys have had experiences with these rods and I would like to hear what you think, how is the action, the balance, the feel of the casting etc. [i:cacab62f66](especially about the HM2 as that would make the best bargain).[/i:cacab62f66]

[b:cacab62f66]But the main reason [/b:cacab62f66]I'm posting this, is to hear about your reel choice for sea trout fishing with lighter rods like 5 or 6 weights. What kind of weight do you go for? [i:cacab62f66]as light as possible or or a heavier one for better counterweight[/i:cacab62f66]. And I would obviously like to know about what reels you have tried with your HM# rods.

The one I have in mind at the time is the [b:cacab62f66][url=]Loop Evotec CLWC[/url][/b:cacab62f66] in either the 102g or 124g model.

I had the Scierra HM3 # 6/7,...

I had the Scierra HM3 # 6/7, and it wasn't the rod for me. It's a very stiff rod, and it casts a long line, but I didn't like fishing with this rod for a hole day.

Now, I have bought a Redington SS SuperSport # 6 , and this rod is very pleasant to cast, and still casts a long line. You can se the rod at Korsholm.

About flyreels, I am considering to buy a Danielsson FW.

Best regards

Allan Wermuth

Martin Joergensen's picture

Re: Reel Weight & a New Scierra HM# Rod...


I have fished a couple of HM2 rods quite a lot, and they are really nice rods at a great price. Like Allan I find the HM3 a bit on the stiff side, and if I had to choose I would definitely go for a 5-6wt. HM2. A rod like that will give you lots of casting pleasure, good distance and not least a nice experience when catching and fighting a fish.

The 5-6 weight is a perfect class for the sea trout fishing we do here, and modern rods in this class are generally able to carry the flies we use and fight even strong winds - and big fish if you run into those. At the same time they are lightweight and a pleasure to cast a whole day.

Regarding reels I have used several on my 5-6 weights - from extremely light ULA reels to my somewhat heavier LAW reel and several inbetween. I have no personal preferences regarding reel weight. Some people put a lot of emphasis on that, but I think the important factors are good mechanics and resistance to salt and sand.

I'm not very fond of compound reels like the Evotech you have your eyes on. I would go for a metal reel in stead. My personal experience with Lamson's reels make me recommend those at all times, and you can get models, which are almost as inexpensive as the Loop. In my opinion these reels are a much better bargain than the Loop and have a much nicer feel and finish - plus an excellent brake system and a very good resistance to salt and dirt. The new Lamson Konic reels seem to hit a sweet spot in this regard.

Hope this helps.


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Why Metal?...

Thanks for both of your replies. I think that confirmed my initial feeling about the rods.

[b:95c3f2c0d7]The main reason[/b:95c3f2c0d7] for the reel choice was mainly based on a recommendation I got. The guy was of the opinion that [i:95c3f2c0d7]the more metal [/i:95c3f2c0d7][b:95c3f2c0d7]the more corrosion[/b:95c3f2c0d7] no matter what the ad said. The other reason I'm thinking on reels like the Evotec, is if I happen to drop it on[b:95c3f2c0d7] a rock[/b:95c3f2c0d7] and scratch it, that would make it even more vulnerable to corrosion.

Anyway I would like to hear why you would go for a metal reel instead, what advantages do you see in having one compared to other


If I'm not mistaken and correct me if I'm wrong, the HM2 comes in two versions for the 6wt. a length of 9'6" w. handle B, and one with a length of 9' and handle A. What are your views on the extra length, and the different handles?

Hi Kasper, I think if you...

Hi Kasper, I think if you have the choice and the action of both rods suits your casting style then I would always go for the longer rod, you will find the extra length a boon if you fish any of the stillwaters in the English midlands. Plus you will be suprised how much easier mending a line at distance is with a longer rod.
All the best.


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