Published Mar 22. 2008 - 16 years ago
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Sea Trout in South Norway

Dear Forum members,
I am new to this forum having read the articles on GFF which are great. Since being seduced to Scandinavia last year for my summer holidays, I am planning the following one this year. I plan to stop in Fynn on the North coast for some sea trout. I am under no illusions having read a lot of material and better still my neighbour who used to make the trip every year for the last 6 years finally gave up & is sticking to easier waters.

I plan to stay in Egersund / Stavanger in August & my questions are, is the same logic to be applied here as in Denmark i.e nighttime fishing for seatrout, same flies? and should I even consider dipping my flies in Egersund for seatrout. Your responses would be much appreciated. Thank you.


If you're going to fish sea...

If you're going to fish sea trout in Norway at that time of the year, fish sunrise, sunset and night.

Personally the only fly that gets the 'honour' of sitting on the end of my line at night is a black zonker, size BIG. We're talking 15-20cm long. Here it's all about being visible at night, and there few sea trout that pass up the opportunity of chewing on this fly.

Otherwise when there's more light, fish/sandeel imitations are the thing. Surf candy, lefty's deciever, etc.

It doesn't have to get anymore complicated than this!

Thanks Ryan, Am I correct in...

Thanks Ryan, Am I correct in assuming that seatrout fishing in Norway is more rewarding that Denmark or am I to see this a different type of challenge.


Well the differences between...

Well the differences between fishing in Denmark and Norway can be discussed at length, but the main difference is that in Norway it's deeper along the coast with greater drop-offs than Denmark which has longer, shallower shores.

Regarding productivity, well I've never fished Denmark, so I can't really say. But they can't be too different. Though if we're talking Bornholm, well the differences are enormous!

Nothing in Norwegian Rivers...

Hi Wiggy,

I tried 2 months ago Mandal River 24 Hours = Result 0 fishes
I tried 1 month ago Bjerkreimselva River 2 Days= Result 1 small Lax (Released)

I used different flies from size 10 up to 16, Wet + Dry + Streamer... All of them in different Zones 1-2-3-4... = Nothing

Backwards to home I found small farm-lakes near the road and caught 2 big-fat Salmo Trutta Fario`s :wink: (C&R again)

I can`t understand whats going on this year in Norwegian Rivers
Do you caught something in Mandal this year Wiggy ?


The Best result was from the coast this year
:lol: A [i:1b041ee373]Pollachius Pollachius[/i:1b041ee373] and a [i:1b041ee373]Gadus Morhua[/i:1b041ee373]



I all honesty I haven't...

I all honesty I haven't fished for salmon this year. The first few months of the seasons have been dire, but by all accounts, the river is full of the grilse that evade the catches last year. So as soon as I get over being sick, I'm on the river.

Most of my summer has been either spent working on the house or trout fishing in the mountains. But I can feel it's time for some salmon fishing.

Hi Feridun,...

Hi Feridun,
I was in Egersund this Summer and fished the Bjerkreimselva River at the mouth of the river. Saw lots of girlse and saw lot of people fishing for them. I was there for a week and saw only one person take a salmon and that was with a worm. I managed to hook up with a Brown trout of about 1 Kg and that was it. I spoke to the bailif ( guy who controls the permits) and his response was that the river was full of fish but none was intreasted. He did mention zone two but I chose to fish the mountain lakes which resulted in a few fish of about 500g and lots of smaller trout.


Sounds like a nice trout....

Sounds like a nice trout.

This weekend was put aside to catching some Bleke, but due to the recent rain, the river is very high and virtually unfishable. I've got a local guy that'll guide me to catching this rare fish, so I'm just waiting for the right conditions and time off!

Otherwise I've had some lovely brown trout, though nothing near topping my 3.5kg fish of last year. Have just come home from a lake I haven't fished for about 3 years, and have had some lovely trout. So I can relax a happy man this evening.

Out again tomorrow, to see if I can get some large american brook trout.

Hi Hyekal,...

Hi Hyekal,

Next time if you are coming to Egersund or anywhere in Rogaland, pm to me. We can meet and fish together if you want.

Here, my Bjerkreimselva pictures :lol: :lol:




Wiggy: Trout fishing in the mountains ! Way to go 8)

Hey, Feridun,...

Hey, Feridun,

is the second picture taken at Lyngmoenhølen? I´ve been fishing there a couple of times this year, esp. the Vinningland-Section as well as Fjermedal, Gjedlakleiva and Nedre Gjedremshølen. Unfortunately the waterleves have been like a stock price the last weeks from total down about 15 q to over 100 and down again. But I like the river, it´s a great nature there.

T.L. Frank

PS: Wiggy and Feridun, it seems that we are neighbours. Hope we find a possibility to meet eachother soon!

Hi guys. We certainly live...

Hi guys. We certainly live not too far from each other, and a meet could certainly be on the cards. Fly-only, I've fished flekkefjord with a collegue that is from and lives in flekkefjordfished. It was sea trout fishing in grisefjorden and up along the canals and into the last lake, that's as far as my flekkefjord fishing goes. A lovely area with some nice fish, not to mention lots of bass.

I'm not sure if this is allowed but do you guys go on I had a recent trip in the mountains and have written a rapport

Hei Frank,...

Hei Frank,

Yes its exactly at Lyngmoenhølen in Zone 3 :)
Its a picture with three stones and a few trees... I am speechless, how could you know that? 8)


I am fishing always between [b:920edc5ff5]H6[/b:920edc5ff5] (Lyngmoenhølen) and [b:920edc5ff5]H7[/b:920edc5ff5] (Fjermedalshølen) in Bjerkreim.

Wiggy and Fly-Only, of course that will be wonderful we can meet and arrange a trip together :wink:


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