Published Mar 8. 2008 - 15 years ago
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Shrimp Pattern


Hi all ...

Firstly this site is a fantastic online resource

I'm new to the forum and to fly tying

I've been working on a shrimp pattern. using ideas I borrowed from here :oops: and other sites

your thoughts appreciated.. go easy on me please



Shrimp pattern...

b0ogaloo. Your shrimp seems to me very realistic and certainly will catch fish. I tied some shrimps too and I am looking forward to test it next week in Denmark.

Nice shrimp ...

Nice shrimp

Is pink a better colour for the sea trout >?



I do not know. But I has been inspired by this article:

I have used brown or orange coloured shrimps so far, so I am planning to try something new.

Personally I've used these...

Personally I've used these realistic flies in a variety of conditions and have never had a bite. As soon as I put on a pink sparkle shrimp (basically the same as the glitter shrimp but using dubbed SLF sparkle instead of fritz) I get fish almost straight away.

As with most of my experiences, both for sea trout and trout, it's not what looks good to the fisherman, but what looks good to the fish. It seems, the simpler the fly, the better it is :shock:

I fished briefly this morning...

I fished briefly this morning in Strangford Lough , had two bites ..but I missed them

I must tie it in pink and try it


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Excellent ...


What do you call the vinyl shell material ?


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"Sili Skin"......

[u:d7ddb6dd0c][i:d7ddb6dd0c][b:d7ddb6dd0c]SILI SKIN...[/b:d7ddb6dd0c][/i:d7ddb6dd0c][/u:d7ddb6dd0c]
It comes in small sheets...very stretchy...sticky back...I like the Mother of Pearl (thick) as it takes on fishy colours...#3071 a product of Loco Foam LLC...
I've done Gummi Minows and Gummi Eels from this stuff which are more a "craft project" than a tyeing exercise...effective and durable...
My preferred source comes from The Bears Den (on line) in Taunton, Massachusetts.
Proprietor Scott Wessel does a good job on mail order to everywhere except Venus and Mars.


Brilliant , thanks very much ...

Brilliant , thanks very much


This is mine version of the...

This is mine version of the Oland shrimp, also inspired by the GFF "Pattegrisen".
I have added al foam back instead of antron or plastic, to prevent the fly for turning upside down.
The fly is weighted enough to still sink, but at the bottom it will just sit on its hookpoint and hookeye.
When the trout "sniffs" at it, it will be hooked.

Oland shrimp variation...

And this is my last shrimp pattern. On las trip to Denmark this fly caught some trouts. I will test it soon again.

is that DNA frosty fibers you...

is that DNA frosty fibers you have used as the Antenna ?

nice fly



Hi. it is not frosty fiber, it is krystal twisted hair or something like that produced by local tackle manufacturer. But I would say there are plenty of variants sold all over the world.
By the way, I just came back from Denmark and this fly in salmon pink colour caught 6 or 7 fish. Unfortunately only 2 were caught by me :-) Fish were not interested in our flies and there were anglers everywhere. But it was very nice trip indeed.

They liked my shrimp version...

They liked my shrimp version also in Danmark :D


69 cm

Nice fish, congrats!...

Nice fish, congrats!

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Nice shrimps dude! :wink:...

Nice shrimps dude! :wink:

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I wonder if Baltic Sea shrimp can understand Western Atlantic shrimp when they meet on holiday?!

'same idea as earlier but with a splash of colour and a few strands of polar flash...
I used the "blue-light-acrylic" for the carapace but epoxy would work too...
no rules...just tryin' for a "buggie" look...



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