Published Dec 7. 2006 - 16 years ago
Updated or edited Aug 8. 2015

Straw Shrimps

I have the Denmark bug very bad now, even though my trip is 5 months away!

Having searched every inch of the site, i have come across some brilliant shrimp patterns, most of them being very imitative.

I am not the best of tyers, infact i am pretty much self-taught, and really i am in the novice class, so some patterns are out of my league.

In an attempt to come up with an easy to tie shrimp pattern, i decided to use the 'bendy' part of a transulcent drinking straw to use as the shrimps back. This is easily coloured with pens. The shrimp below is a tan/natural colour, but im sure that all colours could be considered, especially as i have lots of orange and pink straws!

I might reverse the tying next time, and have the head at the bend?

I would be interested in your thoughts as how to improve the head section of the fly. I was thinking of adding some paint brush bristles as long feelers? A small natural paint brush is a great way of substititing boar bristle, and they are very cheap.


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Hi Hoppy,

Fantastic pattern!
Stick with them. Don't use any other pattern..!

I use shrimps about 90% of the time. They are a sure winner.
Tie them off on hook sizes 8 and 6. Singles of course!

I have seen a straw shrimp sometime ago, can't remember where. May of been Paul Arden at Sexyloops...?

Remember: what sea trout eat? SHRIMPS, ragworm, sand ticks and small fry.


Hi Hoppy,...

Hi Hoppy,

your shrimp is fantastic! Don’t stop trying, I thing you have a fine hand for tying and we will see some more nice patterns from you.

In my opinion the head of your shrimp is at the right place, looking forward and swims right. One of my first flies 5 years ago was a shrimp to catch some seatrout in german and scandinavian saltwater.

I wanted a nearly natural shrimp and fish the shrimp mostly. Maybe it helps you seeing a “forward swimming shrimp” to create your own stil.

And don’t forget the “Honey Shrimp” on GFF.


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