Published Oct 22. 2012 - 10 years ago
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SWFF Sea Trout help...

Well, yesterday was one of those days when the tide was right, we were in the right place, at the right time but no fish. After eight hours, albeit in beautiful surroundings and with great company, all four of could catch was three smaller pollack and just get the occasional follow/small tug from sea trout.

Now the weather could have been better. Little wind, started off cloudy but got sunny after a while.

Tried pink, white and olive shrimp flies. Sandeel imitasjons but nothing.

Now I've quite an extensive experience SWFF for sea trout, but such days really do make me wonder what else I can do?! In retrospect, I should have tried a long, thinner leader with a small shrimp. But didn't think of that at the time.

So what have worked for you guys in this kind of situation? What breaks 'the code' when all else fails?

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Some days things just don't work. I personally think it's because no fish are around, and you can change your tactics and flies as much as you want, but nothing will work.

Patience, moving location, taking a break, saving the energy for another day.
Some days are just blank, some are a feast!


I have thought the same...

I have thought the same thoughts as yourself, Martin.

We had lots of patience, changed location multiple times, changed tactics, etc. It must have been 'one of those days'. The weather had changed quite dramatically that day, from heavy rain and wind the day before, to glorious weather the day we fished. I had thought that this could have effected the fish.

Well I'm going to try my luck this evening, and am hoping that lady luck will be on my side this time.


Dear Wiggy & all who just don't know....... A Welsh pal of mine who I miss very much as he passed away 9 years ago now had a natter with me after the first days fishing of a week in Scotland on the river Aven (A'n) tributary of the Spey. I asked him in a puzzled way & conveyed to him that I felt tweeks & little pulls that definately were fish but they had let go of the little worm that was on a size 8 hook. He said oh yes I know what your experiencing & I'll tell you one word but you'd better remember it because he usually will not come back again!
That word was 'instantaneous'. That was 44 years ago and through experimentation I found it not only applies to the bait but also to the Fly and very much so. My friend was no slouch when it came to sea trout but also salmon. In the Trout and Salmon in the seventies he was stated catching 13 sea trout on the Glasllyn when not another fisher caught anything.It was stated as a notable catch by the bailiff Edgar Owen. We often watched fly fishers on the Aven on the opposite bank missing fish by not being aware that an instant strike was necessary to catch these playful type of fish.......
I believe Hugh Falcus was aware of this anomaly but he thought this mainly applied to running fish that would come short as he said. I have also learnt that a fish that tweeks can be caught if not pricked on the fist tweek but the fisher must be of lightening fast reaction variety otherwise nil.
Once a fly fisher knows of this essential knowledge as stated above he may attract adverse criticism from those fishers who do not know and I find there are many such anglers who will always fish with one hand on the hip which I think rightly or wrongly is a terrible laid back way to fish & I hatwe to see that style of fly fishing. OK the fisher is enjoying his or herself but I think personally it is a very incorrect way to fish and that angler who persistently fishes that way will never be as successful in terms of fish caught as I or my friend who I spoke about.I feel that statement is pompous but I mean that in the nicest possible way so that those who fish do so with a purpose. There have been many an eminent angler who fish that way but I do not like to see it & I liken it to the chuck it and chance it brigade who are the first ones to moan if they see the successful angler catch a fish when they don't. Shame on them for not keeping an absolutely open mind which is essential for optimum success in fly fishing and experimentation............. I was once approached by an ignorant angler on the Nith who asked me - are you trying to foul hook them ? I replied definately not I make my fly behave as a shrimp does, don't you know about that technique. He cleared off in a huff but I did not get a pull that day but on the last day using the same technique I landed a 13lb salmon right in front of the bailiffs nose & I could not for the life of me help saying to him, well what do you think of that Mr Bailiff !
So do not forget the word instantaneous when fishing for Sea Trout /Grilse and even some salmon and keep well in touch with that fly on the end of your line and know full well at all times what it is doing..

Keenest fly fisher on the planet


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