Published Jun 4. 2007 - 15 years ago
Updated or edited Aug 8. 2015

The Partridge and Yellow- A Classic Trout Fly

It's also a great fly for bluegills. And this is my "secret weapon" for post-spawn finicky smallmouth. When you see them flashing in deep holding runs but they aren't interested in chasing a streamer or coming up for a topwater, try softhackle!


You can download a video of the fly tying steps or print step-by-step directions. Videos are available as a Podcast from the iTunes site or can be downloaded directlly from [url][/url]

Do you fish softhackles in warm water? Inquiriing minds want to know!

Joe C.

Hi Joe,...

Hi Joe,
one of my absolute favourites in this style of tying is the partridge and hares ear. Especially with difficult trout and grayling fished upstream dead drift with the occasional rod tip twitch to move it has done a lot for me. The trick is to lift it just a little and get the soft hackle to move.

The Partridge and Hare is...

The Partridge and Hare is certainly a fantastic fly. The entire line of soflhackles are worthy of inclusion in any well-tempered kit. I carry them from a size 8 to a size 18 and I've caught just about everything on them. if you want to try something just a bit different, use a bright flourescent orange thread to tie the P&H - it gives the fly a fine ruddy glow when wet. Dub lightly and use the brown hackles from a partridge. With this variation I'll often leave an 8" tag of thread from the tie in at the beginning, tie in the hackle butt first at the head (Stewart style), dubb the body and then wrap the hackle [i:07a1238058]back[/i:07a1238058] towards the tail. I'll then rib the body and wind through the hackle using the tag end and tie the whole thing off with a small neat head. tied this way the fly in almost indestructible, it has a great ribbed effect, and it tapers naturally towards the tail end.

Joe C.

Good idea to tie them this...

Good idea to tie them this way, I have spend too much time lately on the tying bench so I have to hold back a little before I try it.
I am going to do a float trip in Alaska mid of July, that is in connection with a business trip and I decided it late, so I had to tie a lot of pacific salmon flies. My better half has already asked the question "do you now have enough flies".
I have still taken a few soft hacles from the stock and put them in the box for grayling and rainbows. We'll see what happens.

What hooks do you all use for...

What hooks do you all use for the Partridge and Yellow? I have used a 3906, and a 3906B, but think a 3399 or 3399A would work just fine too.


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