Published Feb 26. 2010 - 13 years ago
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What is your favourite seatrout outfit?

Hi, I am a tackle fanatic a bit, so I am interested in your favourite seatrout outfit.
I have tried a lot of rods, reels and lines and finally come to Scierra HMS 9'6" 6/7wt rod, Scierra EDP reel (would like to change it for Scierra Traxion reel - it is difficult to find some in the shops) and Rio Outbound WF7 floating line.
What tackle do you use and are you satisfied? Thanks

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Re: What is your favourite seatrout outfit?...

your favourite seatrout outfit.

I have quite a few outfits, but most are medium fast rods and a good reel - the rods I use most are Loomis GL3, Loomis IMX and Scierra MPA and HMS. Rod weights are #5-#7 and all are 9'.

(would like to change it for Scierra Traxion reel - it is difficult to find some in the shops)

Do NOT go for a Traxion reel for sea trout. I had a good connection with Scierra, who was nice enough to provide me with several Traxion reels. Let me say it like this: I have one left, which has never seen salt. The rest were all returned because of rust - some to the extend where they were useless. I can't recommend them.

Go for Okuma Helios [url= I have said many times before[/url]. It's half of what the Scierra is and four times as good.

This is one of my Scierra reels, which I returned:


Well, I vote for Danielsson...

Well, I vote for Danielsson Reels as worlds ultimate sexiest and durable line holders. Everything else is squirt guns in my opinion (says a true Danielsson fan, so sorry, guys :wink: )

My preferred rods for seatrout fishing I ad to the Danielssons are for calm conditions and autumn fishing a 9,6-6-4 TCR, for mid and allround conditions a 9,3-7-4 Xi2 and for heavier conditions a 9-9-3 RPLXi. And a couple of other rods to fool around.

Fly lines are mostly a Loop Opti Still #6 for the TCR, a Guideline Pounch #6 for the Xi2 #7 and a bucket full of other fly lines to fool around ;-)

T.L. Frank

For Martin and Fly-only...

Martin: Thanks a lot for your advice, you've saved my money. It is interesting, Vanuz has very good experience with Scierra EDP, no rust a it works well.
I have tried some 5wt rod (Sage Xp), 8wt rod (Sage Xi2), 6wt rods (G.Loomis GLX CC and St.Croix Legend Ulra) which I used for freshwater too. Then I deciced to purchase rod only for saltwater and I think my decision was right.

Fly-only: Thanks to. I had Danielsson LW too, but in size 2Five and it was to small for 7wt Outbound line. But you are true, Danielsson produces excellent reels.



another to the Scandanivian seawater rods from say loop and scierra have any advantage over the rods "designed" for "normal" sea use?

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I can't say that the Scandinavian rods have any advantages. I have seen both Sage, Scott and other US rods rigged for saltwater, and they do the job as good - and maybe even better.

You can use fresh water rigged rods in the salt if you take care of them, but shy away from wooden inserts, fine silver nickel reel seats and other delicate details.


My seatrout outfit is a Sage...

My seatrout outfit is a Sage VT2 #6 9Ft and a flyreel Lamson Konic with
a Scientific Anglers GPX floater and Guideline coastalline slow and fast intermediate.Works fine for me casting and fishing as well.

Greetz Rene V.

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That sounds like a very decent kit. I would fish with that without any objections.



Thank you for the post


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